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What I Love: The Quiet Places

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In today’s edition of What I Love, I’m going to share what I personally love. As a local living a short distance from the parks, our trips to Disney theme parks are less like a vacation and more like what you’d do if you’re going to your local park. We tend not to ride many rides, but go to just be out and about. One of our favorite places to just sit and people watch are the fountains near the Imagination pavilion. In fact, this place was a favorite of mine going back to my very first visit to EPCOT in 1985, when I stopped to take photos of the fountains there that are simply incredible.

Now that I’m a mom, it was one of the places I knew I *had* to share with my daughter.

We know the parks will reopen, and when we do, you can bet you’ll know where to find us!

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Julia Mascardo

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3 thoughts on “What I Love: The Quiet Places

  • Imagination is one of the best places for enjoying a quiet moment. Before they started the destruction of Communicore/Innoventions West, I’d go the pathway to the right of the entrance to Journey into Imagination and enjoy the classic attraction music and sights of the pavilion, the Land, Spaceship Earth, and that odd Future World popcorn cart.

  • We were recently on a trip with extended family that included several people who’d never been…intermingled with our immediate family that’s been many, many times. While the extended family was tall enough for Soarin’ was rope dropping it, we took our too-short-to-ride children to rope drop these fountains. Having that spot to ourselves first thing in the morning was one of the best moments of the trip!

  • My kids love the jumping water fountain and we’re not at all local!

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