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What’s the Big Deal with Disney’s nuiMOs Now Available at Walt Disney World?

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I had a hard time getting excited about the announcement of Disney nuiMOs. Then I saw the pictures and the possibilities. And I saw the excitement that many Disney fans are expressing about these little dolls. Disney nuiMOs have arrived at Walt Disney World, and our team headed to World of Disney at Disney Springs to scope out the cuteness.

World of Disney Store at Disney Springs

What are Disney nuiMOs?

Admittedly I was ignorant as to what the word “nuiMO” means. Turns out “nuiMO” combines the Japanese words nuigurumi (“plush”) and moderu (“model”). Disney nuiMOs are small plush figures that you can pose. They are only about 4 inches tall, and their simplistic, cute style makes them adorable for any age.

Disney nuiMOs Display at World of Disney
Disney nuiMOs Stitch and Angel Display

Many different Disney characters are available at nuiMOs including Mickey and friends, Kermit and Miss Piggy, Stitch and Angel, and Winnie the Pooh and friends. Each plush nuiMO is $19.99. This is more than a standard plush doll that is larger than the nuiMO, but it is not posable and full of other spending opportunities by way of accessories. The accessories, including clothing, camping gear, pool floats, and more cost $12.99 and up.

What’s the big deal with Disney nuiMOs?

First, they are super cute. Second, they are super, duper cute. But in all seriousness, the appeal is that they are small, travel-friendly, and you can accessorize them for days and days. One of the big draws is they are perfect for creating scenes and photos to post on social media, especially Instagram. Just do a search for #DisneynuiMOs on Instagram and you can see for yourself.

Disney nuiMOs Chinese Lunar New Year Display
Disney nuiMOs Chinese Lunar New Year Outfits
Disney nuiMOs Outfits

Some people are taking their nuiMOs with them to the Disney theme parks. Others are creating cute scenes at home. The accessories mirror many of the most popular Disney merchandise items, like spirit jerseys, and teeny tiny Loungefly backpacks.

What do you think of Disney nuiMOs? Is it a cute trend that will stick for a while, or a passing fad?

First published January 21, 2021. Updated July 28, 2021.


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6 thoughts on “What’s the Big Deal with Disney’s nuiMOs Now Available at Walt Disney World?

  • How wide are they?

  • Stupid, stupid,stupid. Anyone being these has more money than brains, and no sense of how to spend it. Just a passing fad. Ugly, too!! Just another Japanese invention that someone has convinced the “powers that be” should be done. After all, there have been other possible pushed characters in the past, my kids(now grown adults with grandkids) had rainbow brite and smurf poseables, as well as shirt tails characters. Even still have a couple of them.

  • These are an adorable plush version of the American Girl trap. I was only able to resist buying all those tiny expensive accessories when my girls were small by not even allowing myself to crack open the catalog. I’m so fascinated by shrunken down versions of normal things! This has to be some sort of psychological stronghold. NuiMOs are precious. I’ll have to avoid the gift shops.

  • How do you pronounce nuiMo? I wish you’d included that in the “What are…” section. These look like they can be addictive, with variations and so many accessories (a la Barbie dolls). Thanks for the article, I never would have known about them.

    • According to Disney, they’re pronounced new-eee-MOEs or new-EEE-moes. Thanks for the comment!

  • The dimensions are not quite right. They are about 6-7 inches tall depending on the character.

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