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Where to Find the Exits for EPCOT’s Most Popular Rides

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EPCOT has a good balance of attractions, from thrills to relaxed chills. But there may be folks in your group that prefer to just chill and avoid the thrills. In that case it’s good to know where the exits to the rides they are not interested in are at so they can plan to meet up with you when you’re done.

If you want to meet up with your party at the exit area there are some nice options in EPCOT. You can also go through the queue with your party so you can stick together, and then let the Cast Member know you do not wish to ride, and they’ll direct you to where you can wait to meet your party. While in line, browse our Lines app to check out ratings for all the restaurants in the park. Place your lunch, snack, or dinner order through mobile ordering in the MyDisneyExperience app so your food will be ready when you’re done.

Outside Test Track Exit Waiting Area
Interior Test Track Exit Waiting Area

Here’s where to locate the exit for some of EPCOT’s most popular attractions, and yes, many of them do exit into a gift shop.

  • Soarin’ – As fun as Soarin’ can be, for some folks the idea of feeling like you’re flying is not appealing. There is a nice waiting area with seats to the right of the ride’s entrance. Guests exiting the ride will walk right past this area.
  • Mission: Space – This attraction uses a centrifuge to give the intense feelings of space travel, which for many does not sound like a blast. There are two waiting areas for this attraction. One is outside, in the courtyard of the ride’s entrance. The other is inside, which can be accessed by entering the gift shop located to the left of the ride’s entrance.
  • Test Track – Although you tend to go fast of most major highways, Test Track’s high speed and banked track is not a thrill everyone is after. There are two waiting areas for this ride too. Both areas are located to the right of the ride’s entrance, around the side of the building. The interior area has lots of seating and exhibits to view.
  • Frozen Ever After – If the cold does bother you anyway, there’s not any place to sit and wait for your party at Frozen Ever After, but the interior queue has lots of fun details so it may be worth going in line with your party. Otherwise, this ride exits into a gift shop. There’s also some benches and shade near Anna and Elsa’s meet and greet which is temporarily closed.
Soarin’ Entrance
Soarin’ Waiting Area – to the right of Entrance
Exterior Mission Space Waiting Area
Interior Mission Space Waiting Area
Future World East Restrooms and benches
Norway Pavilion Waiting Area near Anna and Elsa meet and green (temporarily unavailable)

I, personally, like to enjoy some quiet time while my party goes on thrill rides. I usually go grab a drink as soon as they get in line, and then grab a seat near the exit while I sip, sit, and people watch.

Do you prefer to stick together with your party, or enjoy some quiet from time to time?




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