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Yes, Yes! Animal Crossing, Mario, and Zelda Plush and More at EPCOT

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If I’m window shopping at EPCOT, more often than you’ll find me in MouseGear, you’ll see me in the Mitsukoshi store at the Japan pavilion. There’s so much to see in there, but as a parent of a Nintendo-obsessed tween, I can always find things that are exciting. Recently, our in-parks team spotted these adorable plush from several Nintendo game series.

Isabelle from Animal Crossing
Super Mushroom from the Mario series
Goomba from Mario
Bullet Bill, Blooper, and Yoshi Egg from Mario
Red Shell and Blue Shell to throw at friends — at home, of course
Mario on Yoshi
Zelda and Kirby

In addition, there were a couple other new Animal Crossing additions including an adorable Tom Nook hat and a wallet featuring many of your favorite villagers.

Do you enjoy looking at the Nintendo merchandise at the Japan pavilion in EPCOT? What game series would you like to see? 

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