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Your top-rated Disney World Resort Restaurants

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Best Disney Restaurants

Today we’re wrapping up our restaurant review series with a look at the top-rated Disney World Resort restaurants. We’ve previously covered the best Magic Kingdom restaurants, Epcot’s best restaurants, and the best restaurants at Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios) Like those earlier posts, today’s analysis is based on more than 122,000 Disney World dining surveys we received in 2016.

The Best Disney World Resort Restaurants – Quick Service

Ample Hills Creamery is one of the top-rated Disney World resort restaurants
Ample Hills includes to-go pints!

There are more than two dozen hotels inside Disney World, from the budget-priced All-Star Music Resort, to the flagship Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. And for this survey, we got enough responses from the Swan and Dolphin to include them too. We didn’t get enough survey responses for the Four Seasons or Shades of Green, so those restaurants aren’t included here.

We’ll follow the same format as before and start with quick service restaurants. As before, restaurants shown in green did significantly better than average, while those in red did significantly worse.

Disney Resort Quick Service Restaurants

Restaurant Number of Surveys Thumbs-Up %
Pineapple Lanai (Polynesian) 448 98.4
Beaches and Cream To Go (Beach Club) 177 95.5
BoardWalk Bakery (BoardWalk) 373 93.6
Ample Hills Creamery (BoardWalk) 183 93.4
Hurricane Hanna’s Grill (Beach Club) 205 91.7
World Premier Food Court (All-Star Movies) 164 90.9
Everything Pop (Pop Century) 1,071 90.3
The Mara (Animal Kingdom Lodge Jambo) 451 89.6
Roaring Fork (Wilderness Lodge) 253 89.3
Kona Island (Polynesian) 154 89.0
The Artist’s Palette (Saratoga Springs) 188 87.8
Contempo Cafe (Contemporary) 564 87.4
Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory (Port Orleans French Quarter) 511 87.3
Riverside Mill Food Court (Port Orleans Riverside) 697 87.1
Pepper Market (Coronado Springs) 358 85.5
Landscape of Flavors (Art of Animation) 615 85.2
Intermission Food Court (All-Star Music) 166 84.9
End Zone Food Court (All-Star Sports) 169 83.4
BoardWalk Joe’s (BoardWalk) 54 83.3
Captain Cook’s (Polynesian) 662 81.7
Old Port Royale Food Court (Caribbean Beach) 439 77.0
BoardWalk Pizza Window (BoardWalk) 169 75.7
Beach Club Marketplace (Beach Club) 324 74.4
BoardWalk To Go (BoardWalk) 50 70.0
Good’s Food to Go (Old Key West) 123 69.9
Mean = 89.7, sdev=6.1

Like Aloha Isle Refreshments in the Magic Kingdom and Tamu Tamu Refreshments in the Animal Kingdom, the top-rated Disney Resort restaurant – Pineapple Lanai at the Polynesian – serves Dole Whip floats. Disney Food & Beverage people take note – if there’s not a Grand Moff Tarkin’s Death Star Dole Whip in Star Wars Land, you’ve done it wrong.

Beaches and Cream To Go is the takeaway window at the sit-down Beaches and Cream diner. It’s a little surprising that the to-go food rates this high, because takeaway food typically loses a little bit of freshness in transit. Maybe the folks who took this survey are just eating straight from the bag on the way back to their room? Whatever works.

If you told me last year that Ample Hills Creamery would be near the top of this list, I would have doubted it. For one thing, a small cup of ice cream is $6 plus tax, and it’s easy to spend $10 on a specialty cone. Ten bucks is about three pints of Ben and Jerry’s Vanilla Toffee Bar Crunch where I come from, and if there’s anything that can beat good ice cream, it’s more good ice cream. But having tried Ample Hills a bunch of times over the past few months, I think it’s worth the cost.

For one thing, the flavors are interesting – the Nona D’s Oatmeal Lace is delicious (thanks to our own Guy Selga for recommending it), and probably unlike any ice cream you’ve tried. Second, Ample Hills keeps the sweetness moderated in its ice cream, and that helps the other flavors come through. And finally, the portion sizes are generous. If you get the $10 ice cream cone, that’s pretty much all of the ice cream you’re going to want for the rest of the day.

The other surprise at the top of the list is that All-Star Movies’ World Premier Food Court was rated above Pop Century’s and Art of Animation’s food courts.  Each of the All-Star Resorts’ food courts went through renovations recently, but there’s a huge gap between what Movies did and the ones at Sports and Music. Disney charges slightly more for rooms at Movies, and this could be part of it. I’ll have to stop by there to see to check it out, assuming the security guard buys my “I’m just here for the food court” story and lets me in.

I don’t think there are any surprises at the bottom of the list. All of my recent meals at the Polynesian’s Captain Cook’s have been lackluster. I think the menu is more than the small kitchen can handle, so my advice is to stick with the very basics there. Most of the breakfast offerings are simple enough; for lunch and later I’d stick to the hot dogs and chicken sandwiches.

It should be noted that anything with a score below 77.5 is two standard deviations below average. You should definitely find somewhere else to eat besides those places.

The Best Disney World Resort Restaurants – Table Service

And now, the table service restaurants.

Disney Resort Table Service Restaurants

Restaurant Number of Surveys Thumbs-Up %
Jiko – The Cooking Place (Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo) 262 96.9
Crew’s Cup Lounge (Yacht Club) 126 95.2
Hoop-Dee-Doo Musical Review (Fort Wilderness) 435 94.9
Beaches & Cream Soda Shop (Beach Club) 592 94.8
Sanaa (Animal Kingdom Lodge – Kidani) 668 94.8
Garden View Tea Room (Grand Floridian) 111 94.6
Boma – Flavors of Africa (Animal Kingdom Lodge – Jambo) 859 94.2
Victora & Albert’s (Grand Floridian) 81 93.8
California Grill (Contemporary) 592 93.1
Grand Floridian Cafe (Grand Floridian) 302 93.0
Kona Cafe (Polynesian) 840 93.0
1900 Park Fare (Grand Floridian) 796 92.1
Whispering Canyon (Wilderness Lodge) 688 91.4
Cape May Cafe (Beach Club) 592 91.4
Flying Fish (before refurbishment, BoardWalk) 137 91.2
‘Ohana (Polynesian) 1,522 91.1
Yachtsman Steakhouse (Yacht Club) 208 90.4
Artist Point (Wilderness Lodge) 176 90.3
Citricos (Grand Floridian) 149 89.3
The Wave … of American Flavors (Contemporary) 355 88.7
 Turf Club Bar and Grill (Saratoga Springs)  69 88.4
Todd English’s bluezoo (Dolphin) 51 88.2
Boatwright’s Dining Hall (Port Orleans Riverside) 338 88.2
Olivia’s Cafe (Old Key West) 185 87.6
Narcoossee’s (Grand Floridian) 255 87.5
Kimonos (Swan) 30 87.0
Shula’s Steak House (Dolphin) 38 86.8
Trattoria al Forno (BoardWalk) 205 86.8
Trail’s End Restaurant (Fort Wilderness) 248 86.7
Chef Mickey’s (Contemporary) 1,113 85.4
Captain’s Grille (Yacht Club) 230 83.0
ESPN Club (BoardWalk) 159 81.8
Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show (Polynesian) 222 81.5
Maya Grill (Coronado Springs) 95 78.9
Mickey’s Backyard BBQ (Fort Wilderness) 80 78.8
Big River Grille & Brewing Works (BoardWalk) 153 77.8
Il Mulino (Swan) 49 75.5
Shutters at Old Port Royale (Caribbean Beach) 81 74.1
Garden Grove (Swan) 47 72.3
Picabu (Swan) 55 67.3

Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge took the top spot in this year’s survey, and it’s the second year in a row that Jiko has been rated the #1 overall restaurant in

Jiko at Animal Kingdom Lodge is one of the top-rated Disney Resort restaurants
Jiko at the Animal Kingdom Lodge

Walt Disney World. It’s a fantastic restaurant, with a solid menu from appetizers through desserts. The wine list is good, and the service is excellent.

While we’re talking about the Animal Kingdom Lodge, we should mention that 3 of the top 7 sit-down restaurants in Walt Disney World are located at either Jambo House or Kidani Village. If dining is an important part of your vacation, you should strongly consider staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Beyond the top few restaurants, I’ll say that all of the restaurants in the top 18 to 20 spots are all good choices. I think Victoria & Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort is Disney’s best restaurant overall. The fact that it’s ranked 8th in this survey surely has something to do with its cost. With wine pairings and some caviar, it’s easy to spend $700 to $800 on a dinner for two people here. But the top-to-bottom experience, from service to (of course) the food, is unparalleled in Walt Disney World.

If the Michelin Guide rated restaurants in Florida, there’s no doubt Victoria & Albert’s would get a star. Whether it would get two stars (“excellent cuisine, worth a detour”) or three stars (“worth a special trip”) is an interesting conversation I suggest having over dinner there.

And while we’re talking about the Grand Floridian, notice that it has 6 of the top 24 sit-down restaurants. I’ll also call out the Garden View Tea Room at the Grand Floridian. I’m a fan of afternoon tea – small sandwiches, pastries, and tea around 4 p.m. – and I try to find it in every big city I’m in.

The tea service at the Grand Floridian is near the top of my list of favorites. It’s far better than, say, tea service at The Palm Court at The Plaza in New York.  The food is better than any regional city I’ve visited in the U.S. It’s not as good as The Tea Room at Harrod’s in London, but they kind of invented tea service, so okay.

Finally, there are a number of sit-down restaurants that scored well below average on this year’s survey. I agree with almost all of these. If any of these restaurants are your favorites, or if you have a favorite thing to order at these places, leave a note in the comments so others can learn from your wisdom.

As a reminder, we survey tens of thousands of Disney visitors each year after their vacations. Want to share your trip with us? Brew some tea and settle in with our exhaustive user survey .

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29 thoughts on “Your top-rated Disney World Resort Restaurants

  • We ate at Captain’s Grille for breakfast and lunch while we were there. We enjoyed both meals and found they had things you could not get anywhere else; like the dark chocolate waffles with dried cherry compote, espresso-mascarpone cream and chocolate shavings or the Farmer’s Market salad. I’m a bit surprised it is rated so low!

  • I’m getting a “404 page not found” error on the link for the reviews of Animal Kingdom/Hollywood Studios at the top of this article.

  • So there are several resorts where there are some good options and some not so good, but there are several resorts where you should probably eat elsewhere?

    Even so, everything is over 65% “would recommend”, so maybe it’s a matter of choosing the right items if one *has* to eat at any of the red restaurants.

  • Len, the second table, table service, is missing the mean and the sdev. Because Patty has taught me “good” that those are needed. 🙂

    • Ah, they’re the same. It’s for all WDW restaurants.

  • I’d be intrigued to know the difference in opinions between Breakfast & Dinner at Ohana. They might as well be 2 different restaurants.

    • Good question. Same with the Cape May Cafe, IMO.

      • Same with Garden Grove, IMO. The buffet breakfast with custom made omelette’s is fabulous. Any they honor several discounts.

  • It’ll still be on the bottom regardless of the list, but isn’t Picabu a quick service restaurant? It’s more cafeteria-style dining.

    Thanks for all the info! Super helpful.

  • Can’t see Tiffins in the list…

  • Great information to have for planning purposes. With the rising cost of going to WDW for vacation I think this information is the best way to ensure your vacation dollars are being well spent. I hate wasting money on food and I would rather know up front what to avoid and what to go to so that none of the “I wasted money on this meal” feelings interfere with the pleasure that being in WDW brings. Thank you!

  • Len, I wonder how many folks who rated the Beaches and Cream takeout window thought they were giving a rating for the sit-down restaurant? On the survey, it’s an easy mistake to make.

    • The “To Go” name might be enough to distinguish them. I’ll check to see if the results are materially different. Interesting question. Thanks!

      • Adding to my confusion about the “To Go” rating…we were disappointed we could only get ice cream “to go”. Not the rest of the menu. So it surprises us about the rating, too.

  • Aren’t you glad we’re all here to help you edit, Len? 🙂
    Thanks for the list. When can we expect a list of Disney Springs restaurants? (I assume most are too new for accurate ratings…)

  • Never mind, I’ll start sniffing Len’s glue!

  • I hate to pile on, but no Kona Cafe? Love that place!

  • Don’t see Kona Cafe on the table service list.

    • Imma just keep the edit window open on this blog post. 🙂

      Added Kona Cafe (93% on 840 reviews).

  • I was wondering how late the food courts are open at the resorts. Are they open after the parks close?

    • 11 pm or midnight most nights (midnight tonight, I think).

  • Not to be a know-it-all but I think Roaring Fork is meant to be in the Quick Service list. The Table Service list is missing Whispering Canyon Cafe.

    • I picked the right week to stop sniffing glue. Fixed. Thanks Pamela!

  • Title is incorrect on the table service chart. It says “quick service”

  • Ah, 89.3 on 253 reviews. Added to the list. Thanks Liz!

  • No rating for Roaring Fork?


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