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You’ve GOT to Hop To The Ganachery for This Chocolate Bourbon Bunny and Chocolate Piñata

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It’s time to spring into The Ganachery for two Easter bunny-themed treats. Of course there is a Chocolate Piñata, a seasonal treat that has become a tradition for holidays throughout the year. But, there’s a new treat that’s put a bounce in our step – the Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Bunnies.

Bourbon Chocolate Bunny from The Ganachery
Easter Bunny Chocolate Piñata from The Ganachery – Inside

These Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Bunnies are $15.00 each and are filled with a chocolate bourbon drink. Ivonne on our team tried one and really loved it. I was curious as to if the bourbon drink was truly drinkable or if it was more of a cream, and Ivonne reports it is a liquid consistency, very drinkable. This cute boozy bunny packs a pretty good punch with its chocolate bourbon filling.

Bourbon Chocolate Bunny from The Ganachery

This year’s Easter Minnie Bunny Piñata continues the tradition. Most chocolate piñatas from The Ganachery are dark chocolate, but this Easter Minnie Bunny Piñata is milk chocolate, which is generally how most Easter chocolate candies are. The bunny ears on top are adorable, and it is filled with chocolate covered marshmallows that any marshmallow fan will love. It is pricey at $28.00, which is the standard price for chocolate piñatas.

Easter Bunny Chocolate Piñata from The Ganachery
Easter Bunny Chocolate Piñata from The Ganachery – Marshmallow Treats

Which of these two treats would have you bouncing into The Ganachery? Let us know in the comments!

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