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    Tokyo Disney Refurbishment Schedule

Current and Upcoming Closures for Tokyo Disney

This is a centralized list of attractions and dining venues that are currently closed or are scheduled to be closed temporarily for refurbishment. We also list here attractions and dining venues that will soon close permanently or that have recently closed for good.

Although we make an effort to keep the information on this page accurate, refurbishment details are very much subject to change at the park operator's whim, and in some cases we insert guesses because the park operator has not yet released details. You may use this information for planning, but do not be surprised if it changes as your travel dates approach.

Tokyo Disneyland Refurbishments
Attraction or Dining Venue Closed
Western River Railroad 5/5/19 9/4/19
Beaver Brothers Explorer Canoes 5/7/19 9/4/19
Mark Twain Riverboat 5/7/19 9/4/19
Splash Mountain 5/7/19 9/4/19
Tom Sawyer Island Rafts 5/7/19 9/4/19

Tokyo DisneySea Refurbishments
No current or upcoming closures for Tokyo DisneySea

Recently Permanently Closed Attractions and Dining Venues

Attractions and dining venues that recently -- and sadly -- have been scuppered forever.

Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo DisneySea