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    Tokyo Disney Refurbishment Schedule

Current and Upcoming Closures and Openings for Tokyo Disney

This is a centralized list of attractions and dining venues that are currently closed or are scheduled to be closed temporarily for refurbishment. We also list here attractions and dining venues that will soon close permanently or that have recently closed for good.

Although we make an effort to keep the information on this page accurate, refurbishment details are very much subject to change at the park operator's whim, and in some cases we insert guesses because the park operator has not yet released details. You may use this information for planning, but do not be surprised if it changes as your travel dates approach.

Tokyo Disneyland Refurbishments and Openings
Refurbishments - Attraction or Dining Venue Closes Re-Opens
Cinderella's Fairy Tale Hall (Attraction) 10/1/19 4/8/20
Space Mountain (Attraction) 11/6/19 12/21/19
Country Bear Theater (Attraction) 12/29/19 12/31/19
Haunted Mansion (Attraction) 1/6/20 1/27/20
Big Thunder Mountain (Attraction) 1/13/20 2/12/20
Goofy's Paint 'n' Play House (Attraction) 1/14/20 1/29/20
Westernland Shootin’ Gallery (Attraction) 1/20/20 1/25/20
Peter Pan's Flight (Attraction) 1/27/20 2/8/20
Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin (Attraction) 1/29/20 2/13/20
Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters (Attraction) 2/10/20 2/22/20
"it's a small world" (Attraction) 2/10/20 2/22/20
Openings - Attraction or Dining Venue Opens
Enchanted Tale of Beauty and the Beast (Attraction) NEW Spring 2020
The Happy Ride with Baymax (Attraction) NEW Spring 2020
Minnie’s Style Studio (Attraction) NEW Spring 2020

Tokyo DisneySea Refurbishments and Openings
Refurbishments - Attraction or Dining Venue Closes Re-Opens
Mermaid Lagoon Theater (King Triton's Concert) (Attraction) 11/26/19 12/21/19
Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Crystal Skull (Attraction) 12/2/19 12/28/19
Raging Spirits (Attraction) 1/6/20 4/5/20
Aquatopia (Attraction) 1/7/20 2/1/20
DisneySea Electric Railway - American Waterfront Station (Attraction) 1/10/20 2/26/20
DisneySea Electric Railway - Port Discovery Station (Attraction) 1/10/20 2/26/20
Mermaid Lagoon Theater (King Triton's Concert) (Attraction) 3/3/20 3/6/20

Attractions and Dining Venues Nearing Their End

Known permanent closure dates -- experience them before the dates listed below, while you still can!

Recently Permanently Closed Attractions and Dining Venues

Attractions and dining venues that recently -- and sadly -- have been scuppered forever.

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