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Another chapter in the Pixar-ization of Disney theme parks, Finding Nemo is arguably the most elaborate live show in any Disney World theme park. Incorporating dancing, special effects, and sophisticated digital backdrops of the undersea world, it features on-stage human performers retelling Nemo's story using colorful, larger-than-life puppets. To be fair, puppets doesn't adequately convey the size or detail of these props, many of which are as big as a car and require two people to manipulate. An original musical score was written for the show, which is a must-see for most Animal Kingdom guests. A few scenes, such as when Nemo's mom is eaten, may be too intense for some very small children. Some of the midshow musical numbers slow the pace, so the main concern for parents is whether the kids can sit still for an entire show. With that in mind, we advise parents to catch an afternoon performance - around 3 p.m. would be great - after seeing the rest of the Animal Kingdom. If the kids get restless you can leave the show and end your day at the park.

New Jersey drama critics have their own way with words, as this family of five demonstrates:

The Finding Nemo musical is DA BOMB! The musical was amazing! It's a flawless package of puppetry, effects, music, and lots of Disney magic! Even if you don't have kids in your party, go see it!

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To get a seat, show up 20-25 minutes in advance for morning and late-afternoon shows, and 30-35 minutes in advance for shows scheduled between noon and 4:30 p.m. Access to the theater is via a relatively narrow pedestrian path. If you arrive as the previous show is letting out, you will feel like a salmon swimming upstream.

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