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2023 MVMCP Comprehensive Character Guide

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In our updated 2023 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party strategy post, we mentioned that character meet and greets this year are a highlight of the party. Including the 15 marked character locations in the party guide map and on the app, the Touring Plans team members who attended the first party of the year counted 52 characters you could meet at the party. And that doesn’t even count dance parties or parades!

It’s easy to find information about the characters who are on the map and in the app … but what if you are a completionist who is all about meeting every possible character? Or what if you or your kids have a particular favorite who isn’t on the map but is sneakily at the party? We’ve got all of the details, so strap in for a run-down of every character at Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party this year!

Finding Character Locations

Outside of every character location you’ll see a blue “Character Greeting” sign. If a character is meeting all night (these are generally the characters listed in the guide and on the app), there will be a candy cane arrow on the blue sign pointing to where you should go.

On some of the blue signs, you’ll see a candy cane arrow that has specific times on it. Those characters only meet at those specific times, and they aren’t listed anywhere – other than this post! We’ll list the locations and meeting times from the first night of the party. We expect the characters and locations to stay the same, but the times may shift. If one of these characters is important to you, we encourage you to stop by their greeting location on the night of your party to check when they will be meeting. We’ll mark all of these characters with an asterisk.

2023 MVMCP Characters

Before the party even officially starts, you can meet your first characters at the Market Street welcome – this is the Main Street “bypass” where you can get your wristbands and ornaments, and they also have a DJ, lively host, and snoap! Most importantly for character seekers, from 4 pm to 8 pm you’ll find two toy soldiers and two angel-like characters on stilts.

Town Square Theater

This location is open until 11:30pm. Both of the continuously-meeting characters have Photopass, but neither of them signs autographs during the party

  • Mickey meets while in his Christmas gear and very rarely has a significant wait
  • Jack (as Santa) and Sally regularly had a wait time that was measured in hours last year, but this year their wait time hovers around 30 or 40 minutes. No need to plan your entire night around this single character pair!
  • Mary Poppins* meets outside the door closest to the train station. You’ll bump into this queue as you leave from Jack and Sally. She met at 7:00, 8:00. 9:00, and 10:15 on the first night of the party.
Jack and Sally

Mad Tea Party

This location has two character areas beside the attraction, on the side near Cosmic Rays. Each location rotates between the characters, and they rotate with no set times.
  • Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum
  • Alice and White Rabbit 

Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

This location can be confusing. Make sure you’re in the character greeting line and not the line for the attraction if that’s what you’re after. This group also had really significant wait times last year, and this year so far they’ve been more in the 20 minute range.
  • Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet in their winter gear (all at once!)
Pooh and friends, ready for the chilly Florida weather

Fairytale Garden

  • Mirabel meets here, in the same spot where she greets guests during the day. Times are intermittent, but unlike other scheduled greets, these are helpfully listed on the app. Unfortunately, Mirabel doesn’t wear anything different during the party, so you might as well meet her during the day instead.

Storybook Circus

The Dumbo attraction has two queues. During the party, the queue on the right side is for experiencing the attraction (which is admittedly a lot more fun at night). If you want to meet characters, you’ll enter the left queue. You’ll find two lines with two characters each, and all four are in their Christmas costumes!
  • Donald and Scrooge McDuck 
  • Daisy and Minnie 
If you head to the back corner of Storybook Circus, you’ll find two more character locations in and near Storybook Circus:
  • Seven Dwarfs – this was another hour-plus wait back in 2022, and so far this year it’s been averaging 15 minutes instead. The dwarfs don’t do autographs, but they have a lovely pre-signed postcard.
  • Santa Goofy – In the tent directly to the right of Pete’s (the one that has benches and outlets for charging, you’ll find Goofy. The lines were very short here, too. As in something like 5 or 6 parties in line during peak party hours.

Other Fantasyland Locations

  • Ariel and Prince Eric are positioned in front of Under the Sea
  • Belle meets at her cottage, but only at set times
  • Flynn Rider and Rapunzel, Cinderella and Prince Charming, and Snow White and her Prince Florian all meet at the castle wall behind the carousel, just to the right of Pinocchio Village Haus

Liberty Square Locations

  • Tiana and Prince Naveen greet their guests on the Liberty Square Riverboat Dock
  • Santa has his own beautifully-decorated gazebo in this area. And as a bonus, this year they gave him a settee big enough so that nobody needs to sit on his lap!

Adventureland and Frontierland Locations

  • The Country Bears are … wait for it … meeting at the Country Bear Jamboree. They’re all decked out for Christmas and a lot of fun to party with.
  • Stitch is greeting guests at the Enchanted Tiki Room in his Hawaiian Christmas shirt
  • Aladdin and Abu switch out with Jasmine and Genie at the Agrabah Bazaar, which is the tent near the back side of Magic Carpets, just next to Aloha Isle
  • Jack Sparrow* meets near Tortuga Tavern and Pirates of the Caribbean at 7, 8, 9, and 10:15
  • Peter Pan* doesn’t have a set meeting time that we could find, but he seems to scamper around, playing and chatting with guests whenever Jack isn’t meeting.

Bonus Round: Dance Party Characters

There is no photopass option at dance parties, and characters aren’t obligated to stop and meet with everyone. But the dance parties are their own little treasure-troves of characters who are usually willing to get selfies and video!
  • At the Club Tinsel party (on the Rockettower Plaza stage), you can boogie with Chip and Dale, Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde
  • At the Disney Junior Jingle Jam (inside Cosmic Ray’s), you can dance with Timon, Fancy Nancy, and Vampirina. Now that’s a combo I wouldn’t have guessed.

If you’ve already been to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party this year, how many of these characters did you get to meet? And if you’re attending later this year, who are you most looking forward to?

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