8 Must Try Get Your Ears On Food Items at Disneyland

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Get Your Ears On is a new seasonal celebration currently taking place at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure to commemorate the 90th birthdays of Minnie & Mickey Mouse. Not only is there merchandise, a new nighttime spectacular, and special meet and greets, but there’s also a ton of new food items to try. Over 60 (yes 60) new items are currently available. You may not know where to start but luckily we are here to help you out. Here’s 8 must try Get Your Ears On food items at Disneyland Resort.

Mickey Mouse Celebration Churro – Churros at small world Promenade – $5.75

When I first started trying the Get Your Ears On food I quickly noticed that many of the items were deceptively simple. I was not expecting to be blown away by any of the food, but then the taste and quality in most of the items ended up being immediately noticeable. The first example of this is the Mickey Mouse Celebration Churro. It’s made up of a chocolate churro drizzled with cookie butter and topped with Mickey confetti. It’s also served with a side of red marshmallow crème and Mickey buttons. The chocolate churro itself was warm, soft and very good, but what took it over the top was the the generous helping of cookie butter. The marshmallow dipping sauce didnt really add much to what was already a good churro, but it didn’t make it worse either.

Mickey Cookies ‘n Cream Shake with “90” sprinkles – Schmoozies – $5.99

When I posted about the Mickey Cookies ‘n Cream Shake on Twitter someone asked how it compared to the shakes over at Ghirardelli (which is also in DCA). I said that I thought not only was it comparable in taste, but it was also a couple of dollars cheaper. You can’t really beat a cookies and cream shake made with real ice cream. I also appreciate that it looks great visually, but isn’t too over the top.

Lobster Pot Pie Soup Bread Bowl – Harbour Galley – $14.99

This dish was hearty and wonderful. The soup consists of red potatoes, carrots, celery, herbs in seafood cream sauce, and of course, lobster. I ate this on a frigid 65 degree Southern California day while I was all bundled up and sitting with a great view of the Rivers of America. The soup warmed me up perfectly. This was by far my favorite food item from Get Your Ears On. It’s fantastic.

Specialty Toasted Cheese Sandwich – Jolly Holiday Bakery – $10.99

I didn’t think Jolly Holiday Bakery could top their usual grilled cheese sandwich, but they did it with this entree. The Specialty Toasted Cheese Sandwich has Swiss, jack and cheddar cheese, and also includes crispy bacon and blackberry jam (which is served on the side for dipping). The bacon included here isn’t the usual flimsy Disney bacon that is sometimes even suspiciously see-through, this is actually good. Dunking your cheese sandwich in to blackberry jam may seem off putting to some, but trust me, the saltiness of the bacon and cheese blends together extremely well with the sweet jam.

Mickey Chocolate Chip Cookie Cupcake – Toon Town Restaurants (Pluto’s Dog House, Daisy’s Diner, or Clarabelle’s) – $5.99

I can’t believe a simple little cupcake tucked away in a land known for its dreadful food ended up being as good as it was. The cupcake is topped with buttercream frosting, birthday sprinkles, red glitter macaron, sugar candle, chocolate ears, and blue sprinkle cone “party hat.” But the star of the show was the bottom portion of the cupcake, which was pretty much a big soft chewy cookie. This is a perfect example of what I was saying earlier how these items are deceptively simple.

A Cheesy Celebration – Award Wieners – $9.99

It is unreal to me that I’m recommending yet another Disney hot dog. After years of bland and overpriced dogs, Disney has been killing it the last six months. A Cheesy Celebration is Cheddar is made up of a sausage link with creamy mac and cheese, salsa verde, crumbled Flaimin’ Hot Cheetos, and cheese curds on a toasted bun. The name is right, this thing is cheesy. The sausage itself was juicy, flavorful and had a great snap when biting in to it. Also, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the Cheesy Celebration is a good value thanks to the included “Film Strip” fries, which are easily some of the best Disney quick service fries.

Steamboat Willie Black and White Cookie – Trolley Treats – $5.99

With all the fancy food available in the parks these days it’s easy to forgot about how good Disney is at making classic baked goods and desserts. It’s simple, just a butter shortbread cookie dipped in white and dark chocolate and includes silver crunch pearls, but it’s also quite tasty. Also I wanted to recommend this cookie because it’s an easy item to purchase and then take home to share with friends and family that didn’t get to visit the parks with you.

Hand-dipped Mickey or Minnie Ice Cream Bar – Clarabelle’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream – $5.69

Clarabelle’s hand-dipped ice cream bars are one of Disneyland Resort’s hidden gems when it comes to desserts. This time they’ve taken them up a notch by giving them mouse ears. I also appreciate how customizable they are. You can get milk or dark chocolate, and vanilla, chocolate, or sherbet ice cream on the inside. These taste as good as they look.

Bonus Item – Sopes Trio – Rancho Del Zocalo – $13.49

A few days after this post went live I tried another Get Your Ears On entree. I enjoyed that each sope had a different meat (chicken, steak, and pork), and it that they are served in the shape of Mickey’s head. One piece of criticism I have about this dish, it could have really used some salsa. Other than that this was a great entree.


Those are my 8 must try Get Your Ears On food items, but I’m curious to hear about yours as well. Let me know in the comments below. I hope to find some good recommendations from you all so I can try some new things the next time I’m in Disneyland. If you’re planning a trip soon be sure to use our Disneyland Crowd Calendar to visit on the least busiest days possible.

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