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A Sign of Hope: Disney’s Lost and Found

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It happens to all of us — keys, cell phone, wallet, and more somehow end up not exactly where we are sure we left them. When you’re on vacation and carrying items that you may not be used to hauling around on a daily basis, it can become very easy to forget an item. Maybe it is a hat, or a camera. It could be a favorite toy or an item you just bought. Whatever it is, somehow you’re in one place and your item has decided to take an unplanned tour of Walt Disney World.

As challenging as it can be to think sometimes in that moment of panic when you lose something, most people in the world are good people, and I can speak from experience that lost items generally make their way to a Cast Member who then takes them to lost and found. Over the years, the process has changed, and now can be easily done immediately when you notice an item is missing (as long as someone in your party still has a phone with a web browser).

First, visit https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/guest-services/lost-and-found/


Click the link for Answer a short series of questions… (or go directly to https://www.chargerback.com/disneyworld). Select the location where you lost your item.

Next, enter information about the item as well as your contact information.

Once you’ve filled that out, that’s it–now the waiting begins. If all goes well, you’ll receive an email confirming they found your item.

Then it is just a matter of heading to Disney Springs’ Lost and Found Pick-Up location at the Town Center Storage House  to pick up your item between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. There also will be contact information if you have already headed home from your vacation to see how best to get your item back to you.


Although Disney obviously can’t guarantee that your item will be found, I’ve known many, many people (myself included) who have received their items back.

How about you? Have you ever had to file a claim with lost and found? Did you get your item back?

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4 thoughts on “A Sign of Hope: Disney’s Lost and Found

  • Disney outsources this to a company to do lost and found.

    I will say that I got something back from Lost and Found. It was easy. They just sent it and it arrived.

  • we lost a hat on slinky dog on 9/2 and we were told it would likely be found at park close and to file an online report. we did so immediately. I emailed guest services last week (10/15) due to no response and finally someone looked and has put it back on the mail to us. everyone I dealt with was very kind but I feel like disney has definitely cut customer service too deeply and there isn’t enough staff currently to do basic tasks like this.

  • Not sure if this went through Lost and Found or not. Left something in the room on checkout one time and they sent an email, then mailed it to me.

  • We have even been so fortunate as to regain a military ID from Lost and Found. Believe me- Disney People (you know who you are) are the Best!

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