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Beaches and Cream Review: Some Treats are Worth Melting For

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Just in case Disney’s Beach Club wasn’t the perfect summertime resort already, this Disney Deluxe hotel is also home to an old-fashioned, seaside-inspired soda shop.

Located next to Cape May Cafe and facing Stormalong Bay, Beaches and Cream has long been a popular sweet spot for those looking for old-fashioned diner fare and, of course, ice cream!

Beaches and Cream’s most iconic dish is the Kitchen Sink sundae that not only serves four guests but is literally served in a sink!

But in addition to its assortment of sundaes, entrees, shakes, and malts, Beaches and Cream has added new items to its menu in celebration of the 50th Anniversary; and you know we had to check them out for science and posterity.

What You Need to Know

Before we get to the celebratory sugar coma, let’s talk about what you need to know about this eatery.

First of all, Beaches and Cream is open from 11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.

However, its pastel-colored dining room is a bit on the small side and while a walk-up list is available on the My Disney Experience app, Advance Dining Reservations are encouraged. If you’re already within that 60-day window, be sure to check out our free TouringPlans Reservation Finder!

Beaches and Cream also offers a 10% Annual Passholder discount.

The Experience

For those who have been to Beaches and Cream, but not in the past few years, do note that this old-school diner has undergone a makeover.

In addition to a small expansion, the restaurant decor has been updated and now includes references to Mickey and the gang.

But even so, that vintage seaside feel is alive and well, and there’s still an old-school jukebox and the fanfare that comes with ordering some of Beaches and Cream’s Kitchen Sink.

For those who can’t get snag that reservation or just want a sweet treat by the pool, Beaches and Cream also offers a relatively new and improved walk-up window.

Also, for those who remember, the restaurant’s iconic ice cream cone-shaped tables have survived the refurbishment and still allow diners to snack within view of the pool.

The Menu

Before we get to the desserts, let’s talk entrees.

Beaches and Cream doesn’t have a huge selection. Guests should expect a traditional diner menu, such as cheeseburgers or a plant-based burger, a Reuben sandwich, grilled cheese and tomato soup, chili, onion rings, fries, chili cheese tots, and the like.

Think of it as a slightly upscale take on your typical theme park fare.

For kids, we’re talking mac and cheese, a hot dog, a cheeseburger, and select sandwiches with sides ranging from fruit to carrot sticks to even a kid’s size Mickey Mouse sundae!

Alright. The time has come. Let’s get to the point of why Beaches and Cream is so beloved: the sweets.

In addition to specialty shakes, ice cream sodas, malts, strawberry shortcake, and even the fizzy, citrus-y Florida Sunshine, Beaches and Cream is also offering a 50th Anniversary Celebration Shake.

The 5oth Anniversary Celebration Shake – $16.00

This specialty item is a birthday cake-flavored shake with a gold glitter glaze and topped with a multi-colored slice of 50th Anniversary birthday cake!

Now, our team has tried A LOT of 50th Anniversary treats, particularly in terms of dome cakes and edible glitter. However, we’re thrilled to report that this shake is a winner.

That gorgeous slice of cake was as yummy as it is pretty and the icing was like a whipped buttercream so it wasn’t too sweet.

As for Beaches and Cream’s other confections, guests can enjoy a classic banana split, the chocolate and peanut butter lover’s “No Way Jose,” a Snickers Sundae, the Fudge Mud Slide, waffle cone and sugar cones, cookie fries with dipping sauce, and that Kitchen Sink.

Speaking of which, our team followed up that Celebration Shake with a chocoholic’s take on the Kitchen Sink.

Chocolate Lovers Kitchen Sink

Yes, this is the Chocolate Lovers Kitchen Sink. And, not that anyone needed to tell you this, but it was delightful.

In addition to its menu and atmosphere, Beaches and Cream is also the perfect retreat for those looking for a mid-day break without trekking back to their resort.

This is because the Beach Club Resort is a convenient five-minute walk away from EPCOT’s Skyliner Station and the International Gateway into World Showcase, making it a truly “sweet” escape from the crowds and heat.

Are you a fan of Beaches and Cream? What dessert do you think is worth the splurge? Let us know in the comments! 

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