Beastly Bazaar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom To Close

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According to Disney, the Beastly Bazaar found in Discovery Island at Disney’s Animal Kingdom will close this summer. This will make way for a new indoor meet and greet location that’s expected to debut this fall. The shop is rumored to close August 12, 2012, however the exact closure date has not officially been announced by Disney. We’ll keep you posted on further details.

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7 thoughts on “Beastly Bazaar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom To Close

  • It’s hardly a cause to shed a tear when a gift shop shutters, though I liked this one. Then again, yet another character meet and greet ain’t exactly unique either. Here’s hoping this is a first step at phasing out Camp Minnie Mickey (hello, Avatarland?). Or at the very least let’s hope this is an interesting set of characters (no, Russell and Doug do not count). I’d be quite pleased to see Pochahontas return in an official/permanent capacity.

    • If Beastly Bazaar is closing will picnic in the park find a new location or no longer be available?

  • But I don’t want another meet n greet!!

  • I like additional meet-n-greets. Keeps more people in line for something I care nothing about.

  • Actually a fast food outlet

  • A merchandise location CLOSING? What’s next, lower ticket prices?

  • Nooooooooo

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