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Big Changes for FastPass+ at Walt Disney World

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MagicBand / FastPass+ / My Disney ExperienceMyMagic+ and FastPass+ have been ever evolving for the Walt Disney World Resort. Tweaks and changes to both programs have occurred due to demands of how Guests wished to utilize the technology, including allowing Guests to make a fourth rolling FastPass, changes in the tiering system, being able to make reservations at a park you park-hopped to, and more. Throughout the years, news and tips about FastPass+ have been plentiful and the questions have been many and varied.

Well, today I bring more news that I think will be greatly appreciated. Going forward, Disney is going to be making it easier to make and customize FastPass+ choices.

Beginning this Sunday, Guests will now no longer need to visit a kiosk to make their fourth rolling FastPass+ choice. Instead, Guests will now be able to use the My Disney Experience app to make additional selections after your first three FastPass+ reservations have been used. (Hooray!) Guests may still choose to visit a FastPass+ kiosk, which will still be located in strategic locations around the four theme parks, if they so choose. Let me tell you though, it will be great to finally be able to make the additional choices on my phone going forward.

As far as the second change goes, one of the major complaints is that when Guests make a FastPass+ selection, they were forced to make all three reservations all at one time. Not so going forward! Guests will now be able to make their reservations for experiences one by one AND at the times that they are wanting. (No more, Disney giving you a scheduled time first and you having to reschedule it after making your initial reservations.)

With this update, Guests will still have the option to make up to three initial FastPass+ reservations, but beginning on Sunday, they will now have the option to choose just one or two selections, if they prefer. (This will come in handy at a park like Epcot, where personally I really only want to make one or two FastPass+ reservations, but was always forced to waste a third selection on something that clearly I didn’t need to make one for.)

To utilize these new changes, keep in mind that you will need to update your version of My Disney Experience, however, it appears that the update has not been released yet, at of the time of this blog post’s posting. It will likely be released tomorrow morning.

One thing is for sure, these changes were a long time coming and I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait to utilize them on my next trip.

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16 thoughts on “Big Changes for FastPass+ at Walt Disney World

  • I’m confused, is the 3 FastPass+ all you get for one day or can you get 3 more after you finish the 3rd one?
    Also, how does this work if there are several people in my party (will be buying the tickets on one transaction)–do we all have to set up FastPass+ or will one of us set up the FastPass+ for all?

  • Personally I still think they need to change being able to make fastpass reservations an additional month out for those fortunate enough to stay on property (60 days out for on property vs 30 days for off property)…we are all still patrons at the “Happiest Place”

  • Ok, first time FP plus user here (last trip to Disney 4 years ago with the old paper fast passes you had to run around the park to snag, and only one at a time. I am at the 60 day window tomorrow (Tuesday). I was still trying to figure out tonight how to run optimizer on my touring plan and how I fit my new fast pass selections into my plan then re-optimize once I get the passes and know the actual times…Whew. Lot to get on top of in one night. Is there a plan I can run which gives me recommendations on which fast passes I should try to snag and in what order for my first day at MK in June. I see where I enter the data, once I have selected a FP, but I don’t really understand how I can use touring plans to recommend which fast passes I should get vs. what ride I should just run to first when I am there at rope drop. Any suggestions?

    • I have been doing that this week and the Personalized touring plans will provide recommendations after you select the rides you want for the day and click optimize. It doesn’t always take into account the Tiers very well, or maybe it is reminding me to use what I am reading as “rolling fourth fast pass” here once some are used. For example it is telling me to get a FastPass for Illuminations but I already have one for TestTrack. It often ignores the selections you made and says the optimized Touring Plan will be be faster, but I am meeting others. By clicking “Force to Use” and then “evaluate” based on order you want I think my plan makes more sense.

  • Whilst this is a much needed improvement – a better one in my mind would be to get rid of the tier system in EPCOT and HS.

    • It would be better for people who plan and know what they are doing. The problem is that Epcot and HS does not have enough capacity at headliner attractions to support demand. For each guest that got Soarin’ and Test Track FastPasses there would be a guest that gets neither.

      • So, at 60 days out, can I make 2 fastpasses for Animal Kingdom for the morning and then make my 3rd fastpass for Hollywood Studios for the night? Can it be done this way? Or are we still limited to the first 3 fastpasses at the same park?

  • If, for example, I use up my 3 FastPass+ choices at Magic Kingdom, can I then make a 4th choice on my cellphone while still at the Kingdom for a ride at EPCOT? That would be a big timesaver.

  • So if I only use 2 fastpasses at Epcot, does that mean no additional fastpasses for the rest of the day unless I am go back and add a third (tier 2, no doubt) fastpass attraction? We always end up getting multiple fastpasses, but only using Soarin’ and sometimes Seas with Nemo. But then have to wait for the “wasted” fastpass to expire so we can try to get either another tier 1 (Test Track) or, more what we normally do, head to another park and get a fastpass.

    Any ideas?

    • I was at Epcot yesterday and had two FastPasses for Spaceship Earth and Test Track. While in the FastPass line at the 2nd attraction (Test Track) I was able to make a FastPass reservation for any attraction in any park that was still available. (Tier 1 attractions at EP and HS said they were all gone; I assume they were gone and not just being blocked.)

  • Any word if this will work for DAS? or do people still have to go to each ride?

  • These changes are awesome!

  • My biggest complaint about the FastPasses is having to use all three at one park. If you are hopping from one park to the next it would be nice to use the FastPasses at any combination of the parks. Do you know of any plans to change the system where this is concerned? Or have they already since my last visit?!

    • ^Yes, this. Buy a park hopper they said, it will be fun, they said. But you can’t actually ride anything once you hop.

      • so true! (unfortunately)

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