Buena Vista Drive Construction at Hollywood Studios and Victory Way

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A major roadway at the Walt Disney World Resort will be undergoing expansion from now until June. Buena Vista Drive between the Disney’s Hollywood Studios entrance and Victory Way is being reconfigured and getting turning lanes added. The paperwork for this project was filed back in October 2011, but Disney was only recently granted final permission for the project. Visible construction on the site began last week. Per the paperwork, the construction project will entail:

RCID is proposing to construct the following improvements to Buena Vista Drive (BVD) and Victory Way (VW); an additional east bound right turn lane and 4 foot paved shoulder between Epcot Resorts Blvd and VW; an additional west bound turn lane and extension of the existing west bound turn lane (creating duel left turn lanes) on BVD at the VW intersection; a south bound acceleration lane and merge lane with a 4 foot paved shoulder on VW; a 1,500 foot linear retention pond located on the south side of BVD; and the extension of the three 84″ culverts under BVD at the L-402 canal. Storm water management for the additional pavement on both roadways will be provided in the 1,500 foot linear retention pond located on the south side of BVD. Water quality volumes in this pond will be provided for both the three existing east bound travel lanes and the new 16′ pavement section on BVD, the free flow right turn lane at the intersection of BVD and VW, the additional west bound left turn lane and turn lane extension on BVD at VW and a portion of the additional 16′ pavement section on VW. A control structure will be added at the west end of Pond 1 and will discharge to Canal L-402 via a 24″ RCP culvert.

The latest approvals for the project say the work is anticipated to be complete by June 30, 2012. Until then traffic flow across this portion of Buena Vista Drive will likely experience a few delays, as well as lane shifts, and possible overnight detours. In particular the Pop Century and Art of Animation Resorts will be impacted somewhat as Victory Way is the main road to their entrances. Most other resort guests will encounter the construction if traveling to or from Downtown Disney. Allow some extra travel time for any important reservations, particularly during peak, late night, or early morning hours. When completed the project should ease congestion in that area and allow streamlined access to Pop Century and Art of Animation.

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