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Disney Now Selling Souvenir Buttons

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Back in the day, if you were lucky to have it as a magical moment, you could get a button to honor your birthday to wear around the parks. When my husband and I got engaged, we made our own “We’re Engaged” button with balsa wood, a pinback, paint, and stickers. Within a year, a new variety of pins popped up for family reunions, anniversaries, engagement, weddings, and more. (My daughter has a very special one she received after losing a tooth on vacation.) These buttons are still available for free at Walt Disney World, but they obviously don’t cover every possible reason why you’d want to wear a button. Enter the Etsy crowd, who made every possible type of button under the sun and offered them for sale. Now Disney has decided to get in on that market and has their own series of souvenir buttons for… well, not your normal celebrations.

At $9.99 for a 2-pack, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them making their way to the Outlets in the future. The quality is good, and the designs are cute, but the price is a bit steep for the same quality of button that Disney gives away for free for other occasions.

What do you think? Love or hate these buttons? If the price were less, would you want to buy them? Let us know in the comments.

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