Disney unveils new Sundowner Celebration at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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A few years ago, Disney held a fun little celebration at Disney’s Animal Kingdom called Taste of Africa Street Party.  It seems that this year, the park decided to hold something similar for the summer, called the Sundowner Celebration.

This Celebration started today and is only expected to last until June 30, 2012.  During this month you’ll be able to partake in special events held throughout the park, with the focuses being found in Harambe Village, Discovery Island, and Asia.  The party is expected to begin after the parade ends and last until the park closes.

In Harambe (found in Africa), special events include food demonstrations, a Wine Walk  (with offerings that include 6 tastings, 4 tastings, and also a non-alcoholic tropical fruit juice tasting), and a street party that takes place at 6:15 pm. In Discovery Island, you will find a focus on family friendly activities, along with a street party that again, takes place at 6:15 pm.  Finally, in Asia, you’ll be able to participate in food and tea brewing demonstrations, specialty food and beverages will be available, and a DJ dance party will start at 6:15 pm.

If you’re visiting Disney’s Animal Kingdom during the month of June, you may just want to check out the fun activities this park’s Celebration has to offer.  I know I’m excited to check them out during my trip!

photo by Seth Kubersky

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  • This seems like a great way to add value to the late afternoon and evening hours at the park. But, I’m sure all the Epcot Food and Wine snobs will hold up their nose, like they do with most things at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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