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Disney World Crowd Calendar Update For June 2023

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New numbers for the Walt Disney World Crowd Calendar are up!

In general, crowd levels for Disney’s Hollywood Studios, EPCOT and Animal Kingdom have been lower than expected this spring so this update features some crowd levels dropping at those parks, especially in July and August. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

Here are the average crowd levels since April 1, 2023:

Park Predicted Observed
Magic Kingdom 5.0 4.9
EPCOT 6.7 5.1
Disney Hollywood Studios 8.3 5.6
Disney’s Animal Kingdom 6.1 4.8

Magic Kingdom predictions have been really good, EPCOT and Animal Kingdom have been fair but Hollywood Studios crowds are crashing, down nearly 3 points from what history would suggest at that park. As a result, this update will include some significant reductions in predicted crowd level for The Studios and some slight dips in average crowd level at EPCOT and Animal Kingdom.


Animal Kingdom and EPCOT will drop a point every day, on average, in July. The Studios will drop two points. The biggest drop in the month is July 1 at The Studios where the predicted crowd level is dropping three points to a ‘6’. The Magic Kingdom however, is seeing some increases in July but never by more than two points. On average, Magic Kingdom crowd levels are up one point in July.


More of the same in August with The Studios seeing a few days dropping by three points, a few by two points and the rest dropping by a point or staying the same. Animal Kingdom remains fairly flat in August with only one day dropping by more than one point (August 21 is dropping from a ‘5’ to a ‘3’). Epcot drops a single point every day between August 1 and August 21 then stays status quo for the rest of the month. Magic Kingdom sees one day (August 2) go up by two points but otherwise stays similar for the month.


The changes in September are subtle at all parks. Only three numbers will change by more than a single point in September – Animal Kingdom on Sept 1 (increasing to a ‘4’ from a ‘2’) and The Studios on September 18 and 24 (both dates down 2 points to a ‘6’).


October numbers look fairly stable as well with most days remaining within a single point of what was there before. In general, the levels are down but not by much, less than a quarter point, on average. Two days in the month will see increases of two points, both at Magic Kingdom (October 21 and 28). As always, Magic Kingdom crowd levels in the fall are influenced heavily by the schedule of after hour parties. Because the park closes early to host the evening parties crowds tend to be light on party days and busier on non-party days.


There is a slight increase in average crowd level for November, the first month that sees an increase as a result of this update. Don’t panic if you have a November trip booked though, most days don’t change at all or only change by one point. Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom see the biggest changes of the month on Nov 27, 28 and 29 where they increase by two points.


December remains flat on this update. Most dates stay the same and no dates change by more than a single point. As in the fall, the Christmas party schedule dictates the crowd levels at Magic Kingdom in December. Last year we saw the lowest crowd levels between December 27 and January 1 that we have ever seen. We think that was an anomaly though. Crowd levels are back to the ‘9’s and ’10’s that we expect to see as guests ring in the new year.

January and the Rest of 2024

The lower than expected crowd levels we observed in the first half of 2023 are contributing to some lower crowd levels predicted in the first half of 2024. However, spring 2024 is a long way away – a lot can change between now and then. Also, Easter in 2024 occurs in late March which makes spring 024 distinctly different from most years.

As always, we remind you that these crowd level predictions are subject to change. We track crowds every day and make adjustments to the calendar whenever we feel it is necessary. If you have a trip planned between now and June 2024, re-optimizing your touring plans would be a good idea. However, the attraction level predictions are updated more often than the crowd calendar figures so your plan might not change if you’ve updated recently.

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Fred Hazelton

Fred Hazelton maintains the crowd calendar, theme park wait time models and does hotel rate analysis for the Unofficial Guides. He's also done the models for the new mobile wait times product Lines. Fred Hazelton is a professional statistician living in Ontario, Canada. His email address is You can also follow him on Twitter: @DisneyStatsWhiz.

7 thoughts on “Disney World Crowd Calendar Update For June 2023

  • The September 13th crowd calendar for Magic Kingdom seems wildly inaccurate. It is so crowded for a “2”. Had to wait for a second bus at 9pm and the park is open to 10 for everyone and midnight for those on Disney property

    • Looking at the “How we did” report for September 13, MK was a ‘4’. Doesn’t necessarily mean the crowd size was double (Fred could shed more light on the actual distribution difference between a 4 and a 2 ….is it a normal curve?”, but looks like it was one of the few days that TP underestimates by 2 or more levels.

      The rest of the parks were crowd levels were overestimated by 1 to 2 levels.

  • I noticed the estimated park hours weren’t changed in the late November dates to represent the Christmas Parties. Could the numbers be different once the hours are changed?

  • I’ve noticed that all parks are opening at 9:00 starting in July. This is telling. Even the first Friday of the Halloween ticketed event that closes magic kingdom at 6:00pm the park is NOT opening early. This is disappointing actually. I have to rework the days plan with early entry at 8:30 instead of 7:30.

  • Any speculation as to why this year’s June crowds are lower?

    Looking forward to seeing how this update effects Becky’s crowd calendar report card going forward!

    • Revenge travel is over and with the economy people are tightening their wallets.

      • It’s funny that you mention that revenge travel is over. I was just in Myrtle Beach, SC the same week as I was last year and there were way more people around. Unless the revenge travel from the big once every few year places is down and people are just doing things like the beaches instead. Now that makes sense.

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