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Florida Governor Lifts Restrictions for Theme Parks and More

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Big news! Today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has moved to Phase 3 of the reopening of the state, lifting COVID-19 restrictions on theme parks. According to news reports, Florida theme parks may now return to normal operations with limited social distancing protocols. The order takes effect immediately.

Another big newsworthy item that will certainly impact the theme park resorts was the fact that restrictions were also lifted for bars and restaurants; now there is no longer any state requirements to operate below 100% capacity. Instead, restaurants will now have the ability to operate fully, as well as have limited social distancing protocols. Businesses should still maintain adequate sanitation practices among employees and Guests.

Keep in mind that just because the state has opened up to Phase 3, Walt Disney World, as well as Universal Orlando Resort are currently following its own reopening plans, which tend to be more on the cautious side of things. We will certainly be curious to see how this impacts the experience that Guests have when visiting moving forward. We will be sure to keep you updated.

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13 thoughts on “Florida Governor Lifts Restrictions for Theme Parks and More

  • Funny how Florida opened up and yet they are doing better then states like PA, NY and NJ who are still practically locked down. smh Letting people live their lives and make their own choices obviously has a positive effect one’s mental health…which does wonders for the immune system.

  • Lets all crawl under a rock for the rest of our lives because we are scared. This has gone on long enough we cant keep things closed forever. If people still want to wear masks then they should do so. If we dont then we shouldnt have to Other then that start with wear them inside on attractions and not when outside. Like they do our local zoo has been for months. Not one case from doing that.
    Or go Bankrupt.

  • Mike- Before you go making incorrect statements, why don’t you look at the official press conference. Gov DeSantis did NOT state that there are no government protocols for safety as you try to state. If you would have taken the time to pay attention, the executive order does state that businesses CAN open at 50% capacity without local government banning them. However, local government restrictions DO STAY IN PLACE as long as they allow at least 50% capacity.

    Face masks are still being used virtually everywhere in Florida. And, Disney and Universal will no doubt be continuing their strict policies and reduced capacities (probably even less than 50%) for awhile yet (the governor did NOT dictate that business must open at least 50% capacity… just allows it). Universal was quite busy on Saturday again, but the constant cleaning, face mask policy, social distancing and other protocols continue to make me feel safer walking in the parks than I do back in Michigan with our pathetic governor.

  • Excellent news, except for Team Apocalypse.

    If you are in a “high risk” group or don’t wash your hands or have symptoms, you shouldn’t go, just like in flu season every year. We’ve gone many times when we notice people showing what look like symptoms of the flu or cold. Terrible.

    Also, case numbers don’t mean anything, please stop. IFR for people under 50 is very very low, people below 24 y/o is almost non-existent.

    And yes it’s not great when someone dies. Are all deaths preventable? I wonder…

  • As I am writing this, 09-27-2020, Florida has 700,564 covid-19 cases with 1,882 being added just today. As of today there have been 14,033 deaths with ten people dying today of the virus. All 700,564 cases will have one of two outcomes recovery or death. At the current mortality rate of 4% another 28,000 people can expect to die. Someone tell me how this is going to effect the economy of Florida?

  • Great news!

  • Michael, It is now fully a free market for Disney in Florida. Actually, WDW has had the ability to open capacity to 100% at the parks for a few weeks now already, just not the restaurants and bars. So, they have been choosing to keep park capacity where it is. If people don’t feel comfortable and don’t want to come, they don’t have to. That’s what a free market/capitalist economy is. People don’t like it; Disney can go out of business. If you feel comfortable, then you should be patronaging Disney and every other business that you want. That’s your choice. Some of us may choose to exercise our free choice to not patronage a business that doesn’t follow health and safety standards that we want. Also, I don’t know if you are a Florida local, but most or 75% of businesses are definitely not closed by government orders, local or state, in most of Florida.

    Ages 0-19: 99.997%
    Ages 20-49: 99.98%
    Ages 50-69: 99.5%
    Ages 70+: 94.6%

    Just how long do you want to keep businesses closed or 75% closed? No business, not even Disney, can survive that for a sustained period of time.

  • You can try drive thrus and businesses that require masks on your way down. You could also do a grocery delivery for your arrival. We drove from Texas in July. Most of the states we drove through didn’t have requirements. We did the drive as fast as possible. I know you are thinking Texas is as bad as Florida. Some parts yes, but our city has had high mask compliance even when it was illegal for localities to enforce mask requirements. So the trip was a little uncomfortable. Just limit time outside of your car until you hit Disney property. Good luck

  • Rikki, it’s worse than that. He also banned all levels of government below state level from imposing their own stricter rules. In effect, Florida now cannot have any government-mandated health and safety protocols for Covid. And judging by the crowing of the deniers and freedom criers I’m seeing on other forums, many people down your way will not be exercising their freedom to continue following safe practices in an effort to continue protecting themselves and those around them. So for us the problem now – we had been planning a visit in two weeks – is do we risk getting to WDW on the drive through Florida to Orlando from out of state? On arrival, will we find masses of uncaring freedom lovers clogging grocery stores? And so forth. Good luck to all the innocent citizens of Florida!

  • Disney is trying to look good for the state of California, so that they will allow them to open Disneyland. I don’t think increasing capacity or removing restrictions will do their cause any good. I think they will stay about where they are now.

  • We have a 10 day trip planned for November (had two planned earlier in the year that got cancelled) and this is making us seriously reconsider going. So disappointed. I hope Disney doesn’t raise capacity limits but even in the past few days the parks are already seeming to be so much more crowded. And if everywhere outside of the Disney bubble is wide open then I imagine Florida’s numbers are going to start climbing back up. It’s a lot to consider. I stinks because we’re annual passholders and we haven’t been able to use them this entire year.

  • Personally, this does not inspire confidence. It will be interesting to see what Disney and Universal do.

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