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Frozen’s Anna and Elsa Moving To Magic Kingdom

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Anna and Elsa from FrozenYay! No more standing out in the blazing sun at the Norway Pavilion!

With lines commonly running from two to three hours, even seeing as long as five hour waits, Disney has decided to move Anna and Elsa from Frozen out of the Norway Pavilion in Epcot over to the Magic Kingdom to meet with guests.

The sisters will be relocated to the Princess Fairytale Hall in Fantasyland starting on April 20. This means that guests will also be able to make FastPass+ reservations to meet the sisters. (Keep in mind, this will likely be the hottest ticket in town. FastPass+ reservations are going to go extremely quick for the opportunity to meet these two.)

With this change, Cinderella and Rapunzel will continue to greet guests at Princess Fairytale Hall. (And if rumors are correct, these two will likely be greeting guests together now. Anna and Elsa will likely be greeting with a visiting Princess. These are just rumors, as of now.)

Also, keep in mind that Anna and Elsa’s meet and greet opportunity will last only until the early evening. After that time, other visiting Disney Princesses will be available to greet guests.

I could see this change coming from a mile away. The Norway Pavilion has become crazy crowded since this meet and greet opened up. With summer rapidly approaching, and with the lines being as long as we’ve seen, I’m not surprised that Disney wanted to find an indoor location for people to wait to meet these two. I visited the pavilion on my most recent trip in February twice, at two different times of the day (early afternoon and early evening), and the area was just packed.

Anna and Elsa will continue to meet at the Norway Pavilion at Prinsesse Plass up until the April 20 date, with their last day appearing at Epcot on April 19.

Guests who just want to see the sisters can now catch the two, plus Olaf, on the back on the Princess Garden float during the brand new Disney Festival of Fantasy Parade. Guests may continuing experiencing the Frozen gallery (called Norsk Kultur) inside the Stave Church at the Norway Pavilion. The artifacts found in the exhibit influenced the making of the movie.

I’ll be sure to keep you posted on more details about the popular Frozen meet and greet!

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44 thoughts on “Frozen’s Anna and Elsa Moving To Magic Kingdom

  • I was looking at the My Disney Experience App and Epcot lists Character meet and greets for Anna and Elsa in the afternoons. Is this an error or are they doing meet and greets at both Magic Kingdom and Epcot?

  • We are going June20-23. I made fast pass reservations for Anna and Elsa! I’m so glad I did this quickly as it looks like this is a popular destination.

  • We are going the week of May 12th. I never saw the FP option open up. First it said it wasn’t available yet, and now it’s not even on my FP page at all. 🙁

  • We arrived at Norway 8:15 on an EMH morning. They start greeting at 9:00. We were told that from our spot in line it would be a two hour wait after they started greeting at 9:00. We opted out. The parks are very crowded this week, so another week may be see better results on an EMH morning.

  • We are coming Apr 5-12, so we won’t be able to try to get a fast pass. On days with morning EMH, do Anna and Elsa start greeting people at 8? Or not until 9? What is the wait time like for people who get there at 8 on a day with EMH?

  • I tried the Anna & Elsa FP+ and it will only let you do it one at a time but my two girls are not of age to book on their own!! Help, please!

    • I had this same issue as well and would love to know how to work around this. Need help too!!

    • We were just there last week, and while we weren’t able to FastPass Anna and Elsa, we did FP lots of things. Just set up the FastPass for the adult. Children 3 and under just go in with you and don’t need their own FP. My daughter is not yet 3 and she just walked in with us. Also, you should be able to FP your entire party (unless you can’t just with Anna and Elsa). I found the app much easier to navigate than the website.

  • I still can’t find Anna & Elsa as a FP+ option. All I can find are Rapunzel & Cinderella. Thoughts? I’m looking at late May.

  • There is no more “Meet Cinderella and a Visiting Princess…” and “Meet Rapunzel and a Visiting Princess…”. They were replaced by “Meet Cinderella and Rapunzel at Princess Fairytale Hall”

  • Any idea when this new attraction will be added to the customized touring plans on this site? I just emailed Customer Service and I don’t think they knew what I was referring to, she said they normally do not add meet and greets to the site, but since this is a FastPass+ attraction, I would think this would be added into the touring plans?

    • It will be added to our software, but we’re waiting for more details about the greeting before doing so. We’ll add it before the attraction opens in April.

      For now, you can add the Rapunzel Fairytale Hall greeting in its place if you have FastPass+ for it; the wait should be similar, so that should be fine for optimization purposes (unless you also have a Rapunzel FP+ reservation).

      For those considering this greeting via the standby line at any time other than rope drop, well, my guess is you may as well block off a full morning or afternoon if the popularity is anything like what has been seen in Epcot.

  • I was just able to make Fastpass + for Anna and Elsa after April 20.

  • Just a quick update for everyone- I have been on the phone with Disney for 3 days unable to get fastpass +. Finally after I lost it this morning I talked to a supervisor as to why some people can get passes and some can’t. If you have trouble, do 1 person at a time- I was trying to get 5 fast pass + for our whole party and it was not possible- the only hope is trying 1 or 2 at a time. At least for the end of April/beginning of May. Good luck!

    • Nicole,
      You are a lifesaver!! After trying all day yesterday to get fastpass+ for Anna & Elsa, I found your comment late last night and tried your 1 person at a time technique. Now we have fastpass+ for the second weekend of May, first thing in the morning!!! Many thanks!!!

    • Thank you for the advice. It worked. I had it all planned out that we were going to see then at Epcot on the 20th but then just found out this week that they are moving on the 20th to MK. I tried to get FP for all of us and I started to panic when it said stand by only. Glad I decided to check out the advice on touring plans.

  • We’re in the same boat! We’ll be there the first week of April and my daughter will be devastated if Anna and Elsa are gone. Any news about the chance of seeing them in Epcot until the move?

  • Hi. We are visiting April 5-12. Will the sisters be available at all during that time, since their location is in transition?


  • Will Anna and Elsa continue to meet and greet at Epcot until the move? Hoping to be able to meet them the week of March 24th.

    • Anna and Elsa will be found at Epcot in the Norway Pavilion until April 20th. 🙂 So those of you visiting up until that point will be able to see them there.

  • Thanks for keeping us posted on this hot topic! Will you be adding A&E to your wait times and touring plans in the near future?
    As an offsite guest who can’t make FP reservations in advance, I’m wondering if my best bet is to make a mad dash for the kiosks or fairytale hall first thing at rope drop? I know this is still a work in progress, so all updated information for our upcoming May trip is appreciated! This meet and greet would be a must for my 5 year-old Frozen fanatic, but I’m not mentioning this to her in order to avoid disappointment. I sense this is going to be very chaotic and stressful.

  • I just got FP+ for Anna & Elsa on May 11. They were the only ones listed. Hope they add Rapunzel back into the mix!

  • FYI…FP are now available! I just grabbed a FP on 5/3 and the earliest available was already at 12:30pm! GO GET EM!

  • I just picked the ‘Meet Anna and Elsa with a Visiting Princess at Princess Fairytale Hall’ fastpass+ for early May!

    • Thanks for posting Kevin! Just added fastpass+ for anna/elsa for both April 30th and May 1st. Nothing open during the morning. FYI – My Rapunzel fastpass+ still exists, but I can’t change the time. Not sure what will happen with that.

      • I was able to change my fastpass+ to 9:20am on May 1.

    • Thanks for posting. I was able to book for mid morning on May 13th!

    • I just scored a fastpass for Anna & Elsa for May 2nd after I saw your comment here. Thanks Kevin!

  • I have a FP for Rapunzel at Fairytale Hall on 5/3. I booked my FP right at 60 days. Two or three days later the option to FP it disappeared as an option but my FP reservation for it remains. I’m really curious what will happen to it. KTP is guessing that the Rapunzel meet and greet FP will turn into the A&E meet and greet FP. Here’s to hoping he is right 🙂

    • Roy – I’m in the exact same position. Fastpass+ for Rapunzel on April 30. I’ll be checking the fastpass+ options multi times per day.

    • To clarify…I said it could either change the FP+ over to the new meet OR they could cancel all Fairytale Hall FP+ and make guests start from scratch. It’s unsure at this time.

    • In the same position. I have FP+ for Rapunzel and Cinderella on 5/1. Waiting to see what’s going to happen.
      BTW, already made my FP+ reservation to Meet Anna and Elsa on 5/2 01:00 PM.

  • Too late for us. 🙁 Can one person stand in line while the others do something else? No way can the granddaughter with her health issues stand in line for that long.

    • yes – the disney cast members encourage for only one person to wait in line. We have done it and it went very welL!

  • Any idea why they would cut them off at night? If they are the most popular meet-n-greet, why limit their availability?

    • A cast member told me that this is partly a staffing problem. Apparently it takes quite a while to find employees suitable to be face characters and get them trained for these new position. If you have met some of the face characters, you know that they are amazing and really embody the face characters that they are playing. That expertise requires a lot of work and there are currently not enough qualified people right now. That is how it was explained to me. Disney is working to fix this, but the current Anna and Elsa just can not meet and greet for 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • I just booked out FP+ selections for the week of May 12th and the “Princess Fairytale Hall” option is not available. DO you think these will open up as an option?

    • My guess. (Just a guess). They are working on changing the Princess Fairytale Hall FP+ options…so they are unavailable currently. I would guess they will become available soon. No clue on when soon will officially be.

  • Will they still be part of Storybook Dining at Akershus?

    • Unfortunately, Anna and Elsa have never been a part of the Akershus Princess Storybook Dining. They only appeared in the meet and greet location.

  • Any ideas when the FastPass+ will open up? We are going the week of May 5th and my daughter HAS to meet Anna and Elsa! 🙂

    • Honestly, I would guess soon, now that they have made the official announcement. Though, I did just look and it’s not available in the system just yet.

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