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Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Guests Can Take Advantage of A Great Starwood Offer

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For those looking to stay at the Walt Disney Swan or Dolphin, Starwood Hotels (which is who owns the Swan and the Dolphin) is offering a great deal for those who are Starwood Preferred Guests!

According to their website, right now, members of the program who buy 5000+ Starpoints now through March 16, 2018, will be able to purchase them for 35% off the regular price.

One of our readers, Phil C. alerted us to this and showcased how he saved money for his trip in June. According to him, for his trip in June (June 9-16), the price of the Dolphin is $1892.70, including all taxes and resort fees. To use points, it would cost 50,000 points, but if you use this perk and take advantage of the 35% off, 50,000 points only ends up costing $1137.50. When you add in the resort fee of $189 (which still must be paid if you’re using points), the total out of pocket cost is only $1326.50. For his trip in June, he’s saving  $566.20 by purchasing the Starpoints.

Phil mentioned though that the huge savings could be for those looking to stay at the Walt Disney World Resort over a busy time period when hotel prices skyrocket….like around the holidays. Say we test the Dolphin with the dates of December 22-29. The cost would be $3170.33 total if paying out of pocket. Currently, to stay at the resort during this time frame, it’s still only 50,000 points. This means when factoring everything in, you could save a whipping $1843.83! (If you’re looking to stay at the Swan, it actually costs 60,000 points, so add an additional $227.50, which makes the cost to stay over the holidays $1365 with points.

Of course, keep in mind that you will have a few additional costs added with staying at the Swan or the Dolphin. You’ll need to either use a ride sharing service or rent a car. Oh and if you rent a car, you’ll need to pay for parking, which is $28 a day. One thing is for certain though. With this deal, staying “on property” at the Walt Disney World Resort just got a little bit more economical, if you can take advantage of it.

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11 thoughts on “Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Guests Can Take Advantage of A Great Starwood Offer

  • You keep booking and quoting the price for for a week, i.e., 7 nights, but then keep quoting the cost of points for 5 nights. Or am I the one not seeing something?

    • Cost is 10,000 points per night, but 5th night free. So 5 nights are 40,000 points and 7 nights are 60,000 points

      • Ah. Thanks.

  • Dolphin has buses to MK & AK, right? I’ve used the one to AK. You can walk to epcot or HS.

    • Stayed at the Dolphin last fall and took the bus to/from MK.

  • SPG is also reclassifying the Dolphin up a category in early March. I think it’s on March 6th. It’s going from 10k points a night to 12k points a night. They did this with the Swan a few years ago. If you book before the date (it’s aroubd Mar 6, but dont quote me), your reservation will remain in tact at the lower rate. But after the date, it’s 12k to book a new one. So book now if you aren’t sure, you can always cancel 5 days ahead of time.

  • Note that the points rate at the Dolphin is going up to 12,000 points effective March 6th so this needs to be booked by March 5th at the latest if you want to get the Dolphin for 10,000 points.

  • SPG gives you the 5th night free, so to really maximize the value of this, you can stay for 5 nights.

    That would 40,000 points at the Dolphin or 50,000 at the Swan.

    If you buy the points through the 35% off offer, it would be $213.50 all-in per night for 5 nights at the Dolphin and $259 all-in per night for 5 nights at the Swan.

    And you can do that over Christmas.

    That is a great deal.

  • You can only buy 30,000 Starwood points a year. So you will have to either buy some additional Marriott points (at a more expensive price) and transfer them over or have some you earned.

    • Sarah:

      You can transfer in the additional points needed from someone else’s account.

      My wife has her own SPG account, so she is buy the additional points and transferring or gifting them to me.

      This is because I am Platinum, so to reap those benefits, reservations need to be in my name, so we move all points into my account.

      So if you have a partner, relative, friend, co-worker who is not planning on buying points, you can ask them to work with you to buy the points and transfer them into your account.

      • Thanks Phil. My husband has an account too. I didn’t realize point transfers were free. That’s great news!

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