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Hey, Disney! Walt Disney World Pairs With Amazon Alexa In Fun Ways

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Disney always tries to be on the forefront of technological advances and today, Disney has shared a brand new pairing of Disney and technology that will be beneficial whether at home OR when visiting the Walt Disney World Resort.

As part of the 50th anniversary kickoff for Walt Disney World, Disney has shared that they have a new project with Amazon called “Hey, Disney!” So, just what does this new partnership mean? Well, the pair have created a custom assistant that uses Disney stories, characters, and more and it’s all built on Amazon’s Alexa technology.

So, how will it work? Well, you’ll soon be able to use an Echo device to to interact with your favorite Disney, Pixar or Star Wars characters. And you won’t just be able to do it at home! Nope! You’ll get to use this technology in your Walt Disney World Resort Hotel room too.

“Hey, Disney!” will help to make your vacation easier, more meaningful and more fun. At home, it will entertain and delight. This new option will showcase immersive storytelling that includes authentic character voices, unique audio environments inspired by films and destinations, and more than a thousand magical interactions to discover.

More details will be released soon about how this “Hey, Disney!” technology will actually work. We’ll share those with you as they are released.

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