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Last Week at Disneyland Resort (8/5/2012 – 8/11/2012)

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Massive summer crowds are making their final seasonal assault on the Disneyland Resort, but there was still plenty of news coming out of the Anaheim area last week.

Crowd Calendar

Quietest Day: Friday 8/10 was a 9 out of 10 at the resort, with DCA crowds at 9.1 and Disneyland Park at 7.7.

Busiest Day: Saturday 8/11 was a 9 out of 10 at the resort, with DCA crowds at 9.3 and Disneyland Park at 8.5.

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Special Events

Openings, Closings, and Refurbishments

  • Additional concept art was released of the under-construction Princess Fantasy Faire, due to be completed in spring 2013. The current Princess Royal Walk closed August 12 to transform the Fantasyland Theatre back into an entertainment venue; the princess meet & greets have been temporarily relocated to the Small World mall.
  • Al Lutz shared rumors that Big Thunder Mountain Railroad will close soon for a major refurbishment, to last through most of 2013.
  • Many of the beach balls have been removed from Luigi's Flying Tires in Cars Land, in an apparent effort to improve the slow-loading ride's throughput.
  • Construction of the Earl of Sandwhich restaurant in Downtown Disney is slowly progressing.
  • No other scheduled attraction closures were reported last week.


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5 thoughts on “Last Week at Disneyland Resort (8/5/2012 – 8/11/2012)

  • I see Disney’s renewed the military tickets for the year (with a price hike, of course). But I have a question. We’re moving from FL to CA, so now we’re going to be using Disneyland tickets vice Disney World. The old military 4-day park hopper at Disney World could be use non-consecutively and was good the whole year (you could use 2 days in Oct, 1 in Jan, 1 in May…). But it appears from Disney’s website that a normal 3-day park hopper has a 13-day time limit. Does this apply to the military 3-day park hopper also? Is there really a 13-day time limit? Because that makes the ticket a lot less of a good deal, quite frankly.

      • Thanks! It does make a bit difference in how much the ticket is worth, in the end-

  • Hi, Has anyone done the “Walk in Walt’s footsteps” tour? I am planning a trip to Disneyland in January and am curious to find out if it is worth the extra money. It certainly sounds interesting.

    • I’ve taken the tour about six times over the last dozen years and it’s a little different each time.
      It’s definitely worth it if you’re interested in learning about the culture and history of Disneyland. If you want to learn a little more about how the park was developed, built and run in it’s early days then definitely take the tour. If you’ve been on everything and have seen the shows and still want to learn more about the park then do it.
      If you think of Disneyland as a bunch of rides for kids and are hoping that the tour gets you to the front of the line, don’t bother, you’ll be disappointed.


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