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New Features in the iOS Lines App for Walt Disney World

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There’s a new update to the iOS version of the WDW Lines app, and here’s what it means for you.

New Features

For Personalized Touring Plans, you can now:

  • Add a Lightning Lane return time that you’ve secured
  • Add a Boarding Group number you’ve been assigned
  • Add a duration to attractions like Club Cool
  • Add a scheduled arrival time to experiences like Droid Depot
  • Add/edit notes on plan steps.

Note that some features will only show up on plans for the current date after the plan’s park is open for the day. For example, you can only add a Lightning Lane return time for a plan for today. Those options will be absent from plans for other dates.

Display of Same-Day-Inputted Boarding Groups and Lightning Lane Return Times


Plan Steps with New Features
Plan Steps with New Features

New Interface for Plan Steps

A new “popover” menu is where we have moved the Step Complete, Delete From Plan, and wait time submission buttons.

The Popover Menu with step actions
New Popover Menu for Plan Steps. (Note that most of the new menu options appear only if the plan is for the current date.)

Additional Updates

You can also now submit a posted wait time while you have a timer running for a line you’re currently waiting in. We also added “password suggest”, so if you’ve logged into on Safari on your iPhone before, the app should suggest that password when logging in to Lines. Most of the other changes are behind the scenes, with several upgrades to libraries used that will enhance performance in iOS 15.


iOS Username/Password Suggestion

With these improvements, we expect you to be able to plan your day better while using our app in the Walt Disney World theme parks. Enjoy!

Android Update

We expect an Android release of these new features later in 2021. (The Android release happened!)

Update Problems

Some customers have reported that the new app crashes after logging in. If you experience this, please remove the Lines WDW app from your phone and then install it fresh from the App Store. If you notice other issues with the app, please contact us and report them.

Others have encountered network errors when trying to use our app on a cellular (LTE, 5G, etc.) network, even though it works fine on Wi-Fi. This not a new problem related to this update, but recent versions of iOS allow you to enable/disable cellular data access on a per-app basis. Go to your phone Settings, then tap Cellular. At the bottom of that screen, there is a list of apps and a slider that determines whether they can use cellular data. Make sure that cellular data access is enabled for the Lines WDW app.


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14 thoughts on “New Features in the iOS Lines App for Walt Disney World

  • Is there going to be an update that includes DAS and the ability to add the 2 preselected rides?

    • With this update, on the day of your plan you can add Lightning Lane return times. Whether you get those via DAS, Genie+, or paying for individual selections does not matter as far as our software is concerned at this point.

  • Great update! Excited to use this in the parks next March 🙂

  • I deleted and reinstalled app twice and do not see the updates when I click on the individual attraction in my personalized touring plan. I just see the old options which are step complete, delete from plan, add/edit step note. What else do I need to do to see the changes? Thanks!! 🙂

    • Is the plan for a future day or the current day? The LL options only show up for the current day. You can make a temporary plan for today and then see it.

      • Ah yes okay I can see it now for the day of plans. Thank you for clarifying 🙂

    • I wish you would give equal priority to iOS and Android. We are all paying the same subscription fee.

      • I use an Android device, and I’d love to have access to that app, too. Alas, we’re not a large company with parallel development teams working on iOS and Android versions of apps simultaneously. The iOS version is ready first, so we’re releasing that first. Rest assured that the Android version will come soon!

  • First launch after update was to a white screen. Force quit the app and 2nd try app started up just fine.

    Thanks for the update!

  • I hope y’all make a video on how to use it.
    And is it not worth using the planning tool till the day of? Since no one knows what time lighting lane will give or boarding group.

    • You may not know the fine details in advance if you plan to purchase access to use Lightning Lanes, but assembling a plan in advance can give you a sense of which attractions will have the worst waits. One approach is to make those your priority when it comes to Lightning Lane reservations. This can also give you a sense of whether Genie+ might be “worth it” since if you’re satisfied with the wait times on a plan without Genie+, there’s no need to buy it.

      In addition, the ability to have our software calculate an efficient plan using forecasted Genie+ return times and your own inputted individual Lightning Lane return times estimates (you have a choice with those, and if you pick early, you should be able to choose nearly whatever times you want) is forthcoming, likely by early 2022. So in the future, even though there are lots of unknowns, you’ll be able to experiment more with Lightning Lane planning.

      • Really happy to hear that forecasted G+ return times are coming in early 2022. I can appreciate that’s going to require a lot of data collection.

      • Great info! And the upcoming genie + prediction will be great.

  • Awesome! Thanks. This will be fun to use in the parks.


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