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Our Favorite Disneyland Resort Restaurants We Reviewed This Year

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We’ve reviewed a lot of Disneyland Resort’s various quick service restaurants this year. Everything from the disappointing and expensive Alien Pizza Planet, to the surprisingly good Award Wieners was covered on the TouringPlans blog and today we wanted to highlight some of our favorites we reviewed this year.

REVIEW: Big Beautiful Bread Bowls at Disneyland’s Royal Street Veranda

I like big bread bowls and I can not lie. These round and robust balls of glorious carbohydrates have been a staple of Disneyland‘s dining scene for decades now. Disneyland’s bread bowls are hearty and delicious; they’re also not a bad value at $11.49. You definitely won’t be hungry after one of these things.

Fried Chicken Paradise, Disneyland Plaza Inn Review

Plaza Inn on Main Street U.S.A. is home to one of Disneyland’s most famous dining entrees; the fried chicken dinner! 93% of TouringPlans readers give Plaza Inn a thumbs up rating which makes it the second highest rated quick service restaurant in the park. It’s that good.

Review: Jolly Holiday Bakery, Disneyland’s Most Popular Quick Service Restaurant

What’s the most popular Disneyland quick service restaurant with TouringPlans readers? Jolly Holiday Bakery on Main Street U.S.A. Jolly Holiday has a good selection of sandwiches, salads, and delicious baked goods and seasonal treats. It’s one of those restaurants where everyone is sure to find something they’ll enjoy.

Disneyland French Market Review: Is It Still a Quality Option?

French Market has a reputation for having a robust and high-quality menu, but it’s currently suffering from downgrades like many of the quick service restaurants in the park. Luckily the menu still has some great items, such as the jambalaya, beef po’ boy, and Cajun chicken Ceasar salad.

The Spotlight Is on Disney California Adventure Award Wieners

Overall Award Wieners has some great items for hot dog fans. It’s also a relatively affordable option, with beef hot dogs coming in at under $10. We love the filmstrip fries, which also can be purchased on the side with a generous portion of asada, cheese, salsa, and guacamole.

Disneyland Hotel Tangaroa Terrace: A Tropical Dining Getaway

We enjoy Tangaroa Terrace for its food, drinks, and atmosphere, but it is very pricy for fast food. It’s also a nice escape from the busy theme parks. Trader Sam’s drink menu is available at this location, which makes it a good and quicker alternative to the very busy and popular bar.

Did you try any food at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure that was worth trying? Do you have any recommendations? Let us know in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “Our Favorite Disneyland Resort Restaurants We Reviewed This Year

  • Thanks for this post! I love to be reminded of the great food that’s available all the time and not just on a seasonal basis. The glittery, crazy holiday stuff is always so distracting but I really need to try the fried chicken again and the bread bowls!

  • Thanks for the round up! We had lunch at the Jolly Holiday and it was delightful, we liked their thanksgiving sandwich that you dip in gravy. I would add docking bay 7 (the hummus and the best chicken salad on property), and the garden wrap at ronto roasters with Meiloorun juice to this list. Just avoid the Toydaria swirl at the milk stand, truly one of the most revolting drinks I have ever tasted (salty, chunky, with a weird “smoke” after taste).

    • The thanksgiving sandwich is fantastic! I wish they would keep that all year. You’re also right about Docking Bay 7. Those items are great.


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