PhotoPass+ Enhanced PhotoPass Service to Debut April 4 at WDW

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The Walt Disney World Resort is rolling out an enhanced version of its PhotoPass system starting on April 4, 2012, that allows guests to pre-purchase and combine all of their in-park, ride, character, and dining photos into one package called the PhotoPass+ service.

Beginning April 4, guests will be able to purchase PhotoPass+ for just $199.95 at any Walt Disney World theme park or resort, as well as at certain Downtown Disney locations. Like the existing PhotoPass system, the new PhotoPass+ will allow guests access to high quality digital versions of their photos taken in-park by Disney photographers. However, in addition guests purchasing PhotoPass+ will receive:

  • PhotoPass+ Card and Lanyard
  • Disney Gallery CD with over 400 Stock Photos,
  • Personal Code for their own PhotoPass PhotoCD
  • Select Photo Print Packages at participating dining locations.
  • Included on-ride photos from select attractions.

Dining locations that accept PhotoPass+ will provide both a print photo package to guests and access to their photos online through the website. These locations include:

How exactly that works with pricing at the locations where a photo package is included with the meal (Cinderella’s Royal Table and Akershus Royal Banquet Hall, we’re looking at you!) has yet to be explained, but the system is brand new, so there are obviously kinks to be worked out.

Moving on to the attractions included with PhotoPass+, guest ride photos will be added to the online account: no physical print will be provided immediately. However, the high-resolution version of the photo will be available online, and the print can be ordered for an additional cost just like any other PhotoPass photo. Included attractions are:

So, all in all, if you were going to buy all of these elements separately, it can be a pretty good deal – especially with the character meal packages and on-ride photos lumped in now. We’ll likely have more information about pricing for character meals that include  photo packages in a few days.

Note: This information came from a reader who submitted it to my personal blog over at – we did appropriate due diligence, and the information is accurate as of this time. We will post updates as they become available.

UPDATE: Note that Disney has PhotoPass+ information (including information about pre-arrival purchase and upgrade options) available on the following website:

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R. A. Pedersen

R. A. Pedersen is the author of The Epcot Explorers Encyclopedia and runs the blog. He has been a research contributor to the Blog since 2006 and functions as sort of an all-around news desk and project-tracker.

37 thoughts on “PhotoPass+ Enhanced PhotoPass Service to Debut April 4 at WDW

  • wonder if they will do a pre-order discount.

    • That would be great! But reading the post, I am under the impression that this IS a pre order. I’m doing some math here – I pre purchase our Photopass CD every year. Bought the current one at $99 (not sure if it’s gone up on the pre purchase site yet). We then buy around 3 – 4 ride photos. So even with 3 $22+ tax ride pics, we are already only $30 short of the $200 mark ….. hmmmm, there’s a thought

  • Shannon M

    That’s pretty pricey, but I do like where they’re going with this. Especially if they start including more rides and have plenty of photographers available throughout various locations in the parks.

  • I guess my question is…can someone upgrade if they already pre-ordered a CD? Hopefully we can find out as things start rolling.

    • Wondering the same :-/

    • Me too! I’m not going until June, but I bought the pre-paid photo pass for $99.00 in March when I read that there was going to be a price increase. There was no mention that the program would be completely re-vamped.

      • So, I just got back from WDW. I pre-purchased my PhotoCD for $99.00 on March 21st to beat the price increase. A few days later they announced PhotoPass+ and it left me wondering where I stood. Well, I decided not to upgrade when I was there. The only character meal that we did was Cinderella’s Royal Table and the photo was included. We didn’t ride any of the big rides, so no loss there, either. I uploaded my PhotoPass cards today. I had 182 pics! When I ordered the CD and checked my cart, I was given FULL credit for a PhotoCD with the current price of $169.95! I paid just $6.95 for expedited shipping. What a deal! I was trying to save $30 and ended up saving $70.00! I’m so glad I purchased it when I did. :o)

    • I was wondering the same!!

    • Yes, please do a follow up to this article & address this question. I am in the same boat as everyone else that pre-purchased.

  • We are going in May & already purchased the pre pay CD. Can we upgrade? I guess we have the basic? Guess I need to look into it more :-/

  • Dena M. Langley

    Ditto! Just bought the pre-package 4 days ago.

  • TheMatoe

    I was wondering if they would have something available for those of us who have already preordered to upgrade and keep a discounted rate.

  • So I have an annual membership… Can I use this pass all year? Forever?

  • I ate at Cinderella’s Royal Table in Feb. and they gave us the photo package of printed pictures and a code to add all the pictures they took to our photopass. I’m guessing they will do the same thing just give you the code. I wish they would let you choose the picture you like best before they print them. They printed the last picture I would have picked of daughter. I ended up trashing them and printing the ones myself.

  • Zach Jones

    Yikes… $200 for photos that have been, in my experiences, average at best? No thanks! Gave up on PP years ago.

  • Count me in with everyone else who’s wondering about my already purchased CD…

  • It looks like this may not be something you can pre-order ahead of time like the regular Photopass. In the beginning of the article, it says that you can purchase the Photopass+ IN any WDW Park, Resort, or at Downtown Disney.

  • $200 is a bit pricey to me being a single Mom and such. Would be great if they did the pre-order discount thing….a few years back it was approx. $130 and by pre-ordering I only paid $99 which was great. That being said…$200 IS a great buy for all you are getting it seems. Photos of select meals and rides plus all the bennies of the regular Photopass package.

    Anyone won’t to gift me one for my upcoming trip>>> LOL !!

    • Lots of people on Disney message boards arrange Photopass shares with other guests visiting at the same time. It’s worth checking out. I did one a few years ago and the organiser sent me a disc with all of the photos.

      • From the way it sounds, it is going to be very hard if not impossible to do that with this enhanced package due to….

        1. Having to buy it on-site; no pre-ordering.

        2. only one “special” card on an attached lanyard.

        3. Only a 14 day time period that the card is good for.

        and 4. Only one complimnetary stock photo CD included.

        This packages ounds like it was designed to counter a lot of things that make the photopass shares so attractive.

      • Oh, ok, that makes sense, mostly.

        Only one card is extremely frustrating! What if your group wants to split up for the day? And what if you visit for longer than two weeks?

  • Michelle

    We are going in 2 1/2 weeks and I already pre-purchased our Photopass for $99 (before the price increase)…how does this new option apply? Thanks SO much for your help with my question!

  • This isn’t bad if I can print or use the photos for my own use and not have to pay Disney. Does anyone know if I buy this, do I have to order prints through Disney or can I just go to the local print shop to have them done?

    • when you purchase the Disney Photopass, the first “picture” is a photo release. you are free to do what you want with the pictures.

  • Purchased my photo pass as well what are we to do now?

  • I can’t find official word of this on any Disney site, and I checked today, April 4th, which should have been the ‘opening day’. I would like to purchase this, but can’t seem to figure it out…

  • On the Facebook page I learned this: no pre-order discount, if you’ve already pre-ordered the CD you pay the difference between the pre-order price and the full price; so $99 pre-order, pay additional $100 to upgrade to plus. It’s only valid for 14 days of photos, but you still get 30 days to add borders.

  • Rosalie

    I read on the disney photopass page on Facebook that you can add any regular photo passes that were used within that 14 day period to the photopass+ card. So if your group splits up, you can still be able to use the photopass+ even though there is only one lanyard.

  • Anyone know if there are limits on the number of ride photos you can add for each arraction? If I ride Space 5 times in my visit, can I add all 5 ride photos?

    • According to the “Moms Panel”, you can add as many ride photos as you have rides. If you go down Splash Mountain 50 times, you can get 50 photos!

  • I just upgraded my pre-order from march to photopass+ for only 70$.

    I can’t wait till october 😀

  • Kevin of Canada

    Does anyone know if therE is a DVC discount on this package?


  • Never seen a photopass-related DVC perk in the past. Not seeing anything on the site either.

  • Very Great Advice for those starting a business or already up and running and should be considering their tax affairs. Many thanks

  • Nicole

    Can you add your photo pass cards once you get home and with rides and dining do they give you a code just like all the people in the park do when they take you pic and if so can they all be add once you get home and then order ur cd??


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