Rapunzel Meet and Greet Location Update at the Magic Kingdom

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Just a week ago we shared news about Princess Merida’s arrival at the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland, along with other character updates at the Magic Kingdom. Well, today there have been some more changes. Instead of Ariel and Prince Eric moving under the glass gazebo along the side of the Adventureland Veranda, they will be staying at their current location – the patio outside of the Adventureland Veranda. On April 15, 2012, Rapunzel will move to the Town Square Courtyard (located to the left of City Hall) so Princess Merida can begin meeting guests at the Scottish Highlands-inspired Fairytale Garden beginning mid-May.

In addition to the location change, Flynn Rider may no longer be meeting with guests as originally stated last week. He will still be appearing along side Rapunzel in the daily Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade, but it’s looking more likely that he will not be meeting guests. We will keep you up to date if there are any future character changes!

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6 thoughts on “Rapunzel Meet and Greet Location Update at the Magic Kingdom

  • Character greetings were not accurate when we were following our touring plan. Said Rapunzel’s wait was 0 minutes and turned out to be over an hour long and the characters leave for random breaks which makes the wait a bit longer.

    • We leave next week and on our touring plan, it also states that the Tiana meet and greet would be a 0 minute wait. I thought perhaps she wasn’t very popular? Is there a way to make this more accurate?

  • Come on Disney, Make up your mind! I finally just figured out where the Veranda porch was, but can’t get a good answer or picture on where the town square hall courtyard is? Is this the same location as the town square theater?

    • Oh, Never mind, on they have a really great areal pic and it clearly shows where it is. To the left of Town Hall which is immediately inside the gates to the left. Okay, I’m okay now 🙂

  • They really need to make a Fastpass for Rapunzel-the line is out of control!


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