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Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance To Remove Virtual Queue Option at Walt Disney World!

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Woah! In news I certainly wasn’t expecting to see. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will no long offer the virtual queue option beginning on September 23.

The Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction located at Disney’s Hollywood Studios will begin using a traditional standby queue all day for the first time ever. (That’s because when the attraction opened in 2019, it only offered a virtual queue. Which has continued to be the only option to this day.)

For those who have never ridden the attraction, Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance is unlike anything Disney has ever created. It’s really like 4 attractions in one with incredible effects, a trackless ride vehicle, a run in with Kylo Ren, and a daring escape.

Rise of the Resistance has been an incredibly popular attraction since opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The virtual queue has often filled up to capacity within seconds of it opening at 7:00 a.m. and again at the 1:00 p.m. availability.

This is not not the end of virtual queues though. They will be used for the time being at Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure when the attraction officially opens on October 1. In addition, the Walt Disney World Resort may decided to re-introduce the virtual queue for Rise of the Resistance at any time.

As you can see, this is an ever changing process and we will be sure to keep you updated as we learn more details about what to expect with Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance.

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9 thoughts on “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance To Remove Virtual Queue Option at Walt Disney World!

  • So now it seems we have a date when Genie will go into effect. Makes sense to get all the bugs out before October 1. Now I can sit back and wait to see how it rolls. But I don’t want to pay more to get on rides and then find out I still have to wait once I get there.

  • Mike I agree with you, I think that it would be too confusing to have a virtual queue and paid lightning lane. I think they are predicting that so many people will want to pay for this ride that if they allocate too many spots to the virtual queue then they will be doing themselves out of quite a bit of revenue. It makes more sense from a money making point of view to make just about every spot available as a paid lightning lane reservation. People will willingly pay A LOT to experience this ride and Disney know it.

    • I think Disney feels there is a lot of animosity towards Genie+ and the Lightning Lane, so their great experiment is going to be taking one of their most popular attractions and seeing if people will indeed pay to go on a ride on top of their already overpriced ticket that now just appears to do little more than get into the park. Sadly, I think a lot of people WILL pay those extras to go on a ride.
      Chapek has made a joke out of everything that Disney was about and just wants to soak as much money as he can out of park guests. It’s sadly becoming more and more an experience only for those that will just fork over the extra $$$ without even thinking twice about it. The rest of us won’t even be able to enjoy the parks because he basically took all of the perks that were included away. This only ruins the experience IMO.

  • Probably cynical, but my suspicion is that it has to do with the lightening lane upcharge.

    • That suspicion is not as cynical as the Genie+ system as a way to raise the price of entry without raising ticket prices 🙂

  • Out of curiosity, has the ride become more stable as of late. The daily crowd report with the RotR boarding groups graph hasn’t been posted for a few weeks now.,

    • Cal me an cynic but isn’t this a pre cursor to paid rides. Do away with virtual line and your options are queue for a long time or pay to ride

  • WDW very deliberately used the term “paused” when describing what’s happening to the RotR virtual queue. While this article’s headline is true in the short term (virtual queue “removed”), they really did made this sound like an experiment.

  • This is an odd development to say the least. It sounds much more like an experiment and that this new policy could shift at any time.

    The good news is that a long line will likely deter many from trying to ride. Even though this is widely considered the best ride in all of Disney World, I believe the popularity was inflated by boarding groups and not having to wait in a long line.

    The bad news is that people are going to have to get to the park super early now. The whole purpose of going to the 7 a.m. opening window for boarding groups was so that people weren’t getting to the parks so early and causing a large crowd before sunrise.

    The worst news is for people like me who stay offsite. With resorts guests getting a 30 minute head start everyday at every park, I will likely have to pay the upwards of $25 per person to guarantee my party a ride.

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