The Sights of D23 Expo 2015 – Day 1

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The first day of D23 Expo 2015 has wrapped up in Anaheim and I’m here to bring you some of the sights from the show floor.

DSC06482The Buzz Lightyear Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float greeted guests as they approached Anaheim Convention Center. This huge float first premiered in the parade in 2008.

DSC06467One of the most popular spots was the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts booth where everyone was treated to a huge display showing art, props, audio and video for the new Shanghai Disneyland.

DSC06472Models and art showing Shanghai Disneyland’s Tomorrowland. The model in the top middle is the ride vehicle for the parks Tron Lightcycle Power Run attraction.

DSC06478Believe it or not this PeopleMover car was rescued from the Rocket Rods queue after the ride closed and then lovingly restored by a fan named Kevin Doherty. Guests were able to sit inside the car and take pictures. A really nice touch was the working speakers inside that played the classic PeopleMover on-ride audio.

DSC06480There is no shortage of Disney Legends at D23 Expo. During the Imagineering 60 Years of Disneyland panel, Disney Legends Marty Sklar, Orlando Ferrante, and Richard Sherman shared stories about working with Walt Disney and the development of iconic Disneyland attractions.


DSC06455Earlier in the day The Muppets appeared on stage to talk about their upcoming show on ABC. The show is presented in the same way as The Office and has the Muppets all working on Mrs. Piggy’s late night talk show.

DSC06464Hundreds of attendees wore elaborate costumes, like these two dressed as Yao and Mulan.

DSC06460Even Captain EO showed up!

DSC06458The Disney Infinity booth had multiple consoles set up for guests to try out the game and take part in giveaways. The great thing about D23 Expo is that it scratches the itch of almost any part of Disney fandom you may have, including Disney theme parks, Disney games, and even indistinguishable Disney Channel teen stars from equally indistinguishable Disney Channel television shows.

That’s it for day 1 of D23 Expo 2015. I’ll be back tomorrow with more, including a more in-depth look at Shanghai Disneyland and the new Avatar themed land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


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4 thoughts on “The Sights of D23 Expo 2015 – Day 1

  • Come see awesome attractions to be built in Shanghai, awesome attractions that were removed from Disneyland, and, um, the special cupcakes we’ll be selling at WDW.

  • The giant Buzz balloon?

    That’s not flying. It’s floating, with style!


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