Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Extended Queues at Walt Disney World

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Visiting Walt Disney World means standing in line. It’s why we named our app “Lines” – because it will help you avoid long lines. Now with COVID-19 precautions, the physical space of the lines at Walt Disney World is long, though it doesn’t mean your wait will be as long as the line looks. Extended queues are everywhere, so here are some tips and tricks for dealing with them.

The queues for all attractions, and food for that matter, are socially distanced. And having to space people out in a safe distance while waiting in line has led to some interesting extended queue set ups.

Peter Pan’s Flight Extended Queue

Top tips for dealing with extended queues

  • Look for the lollipop signs
  • Be prepared to be outside a lot
  • Keep your eyes on the distancing markers
  • Make a game of jumping from marker to market if you have a little one
  • Take time to enjoy the details once inside the formal queue
  • Eating or drinking is not allowed in the ride queues

Look for the lollipop signs

The vast majority of attractions have lines that start quite a distance away from their regular entrance. You’ll need to look for the lollipop signs that indicate where the end of the line is located. Generally you can easily follow the extended line from near the ride’s regular entrance down the walkway and find the end of the line, but the lollipop signs are a big help.

Extended Queue Big Thunder Mountain
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Extended Queue
Jungle Cruise Extended Queue December 5, 2020

Be prepared to be outside a lot

Because of all the extra distance needed between parties, the lines are extending well beyond their original borders. Extended queues weave throughout the park, staying off to the side as to not impede traffic. This leads to lots more time outside while you wait your turn to make it into the original ride building. Be prepared for hot Florida sun, or the occasional cold day. Make sure to check the weather forecast and have rain gear with you if there is any rain in the forecast.

Ariel’s Under Sea Adventure Extended Queue
Rock N Roller Coaster Extended Queue – 10-15-2020

Keep your eyes on the distancing markers

Now that the parks have been reopened for over five months, some of the distancing markers on the ground are showing some wear and tear. Keep a close eye on the markers so you can keep your distance. In some cases Disney has replaced the printed markers with colored tape.

Space Mountain Extended Queue

Make a game of being in line

We recently asked our Instagram followers for their tips for passing the time in line. We received a wide array of answers. From playing “Heads Up” game on your phone to making up incorrect backstories about the rides, we sure saw a lot of creativity. If you have little ones with you, I have found it is fun to run or jump from one marker to the next as they open up. My son loves it. So much so he does it at other public places – yes, we do get inquisitive looks from others.

Take time to enjoy the details once inside the formal queue

One positive of the temporary elimination of FastPass+ is that everyone gets to enjoy the formal queue. It’s nice to be able to have a little time to enjoy all the details. Although the line is constantly moving, it is at a pace that will allow you to look around and notice all the details. Much of the ride’s story and theme is firmly established in the queue.

Avatar Flight of Passage Interior Queue (Photo by Hunter Underwood)

Eating or drinking is not allowed in the ride queues

To help maintain a safe environment, eating and drinking is not allowed in the queues. This is a change that takes a lot of getting used to for many guests. Be sure to fuel up before you get in line. And if you do need to use the restroom after you’ve entered the queue, we’ve noticed many Cast Members allowing guests to depart the line, use the restroom, and return to their party in line.

Have you experienced any of the extended queues at Walt Disney World? What tips would you add? Let us know in the comments!

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Born and raised in the land of sunshine and dreams come true, Dani is a proud Orlando Native who loves sharing her hometown with others. She's worked in nearly all of Orlando's theme parks, on board Disney Cruise Line, and in hotel management. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @thisfloridalife

3 thoughts on “Tips and Tricks for Dealing with Extended Queues at Walt Disney World

  • December 16, 2020 at 10:49 pm

    We were at the parks from Dec. 8 – Dec. 11. Your Lines app was accurate every ride. Disney’s wait times were, at a minimum, 10 minutes longer than actual wait time. I quit looking at Disney’s.
    By the way, there were four of us and each jumped on line to grab a spot in the queue of RoR. I had read that you shouldn’t do that because it could mess up the group reservation. But we did it anyway and yes, it did mess up. It placed 3 of us, but not the fourth. Thank goodness a CM straightened it out for us so we all got in the queue.
    I will never be a fan of standing in line.

  • December 16, 2020 at 10:57 pm

    As we normally use Fastpass for Peter Pan and Flight of Passage, we have been pleasantly surprised by the regular ques for these rides. Peter Pan has a cute interactive que, and there is so much to see in the FOP que. The lines have moved pretty quickly in our experience even if they seem long.

  • December 17, 2020 at 9:00 am

    Another tip is not just to think about the 6 feet as front and back, but also side to side. There are spots where the lines are more than 6ft because of the switch backs. When I was there earlier this month, there were quite a few people that could not understand that. Also, put down the phone and pay attention.


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