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Top 3 Things We Ate This Week, April 24, 2021

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The TouringPlans in-park team gets to try a lot of food. From quick service locations to table service meals and snacks in between, we try so many different foods to help keep information on our site up to date. Sometimes foods and drinks are wonderful. Other times, not as much. But what really rose to the top? Here’s our top 3 foods the in-park team sampled this week.


Creamy Bacon & Macaroni & Cheese Tots at Friar’s Nook, Magic Kingdom

The only Doc that you’d want to see you eating this is the one at Seven Dwarfs Mine Train across from this Fantasyland eatery. Creamy macaroni and cheese topped with tater tots, bacon, and sour cream — but there’s green onion, and so that makes it healthy, right? Sometimes you just need a comfort food dish, and if you’re a fan of the flavors of cheese fries, you’ll love this different twist.

Fanta Strawberry Float (Customized), Sunshine Tree Terrace

We got to try out the new mobile ordering at Sunshine Tree Terrace this week, and one of the things we love is the ability to customize things. Typically the Fanta Strawberry Float comes with vanilla soft-serve, but is it possible to have too much strawberry? We don’t think so, and so we customized this one for the Dole Strawberry Soft Serve there. If you love strawberries, this one is for you!


Caramel Monkey Bread, Hollywood & Vine, Disney’s Hollywood Studios

We’ll have a full review coming up shortly, but this was too good not to share right away. Caramel monkey bread is one of the “appetizers” that you get with your meal at Hollywood & Vine’s character breakfast. It’s sticky and sweet with a little bit of crunch and all that warm goodness that reminds you of that special Saturday morning breakfast you hoped mom or dad would make. You’ll eat it all — and then maybe, just maybe ask them to bring out some more?

There you have just three of the things we enjoyed this week. Which would be your favorite? Got anything you’d like us to try for next week? Let us know in the comments.


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