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Top 5 Highest Rated Magic Kingdom Attractions For Adults

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Walt Disney World isn’t just for the young, but also for the young at heart! Yes, a Walt Disney World Vacation has more to offer adults than Dumbo the Flying Elephant and spinning teacups. In addition to award-winning dining and luxury resort hotels, Disney World offers signature quality and service where everything is an experience.

A number of adults shared their opinions about the dining and attractions at Walt Disney World for our TouringPlans Lines 2.0 app, and I’ve compiled a list of the highest-rated attractions based on those ratings. So which ones made the cut? And will you agree with our user ratings? Let’s take a look!

5. Space Mountain

Space Mountain is an indoor, space-themed roller coaster that takes place almost entirely in the dark.

This coaster is one of the few true thrill rides at the Magic Kingdom, but its drops and somewhat jerky movements are understandably responsible for its lower rating among seniors.

Young Adults Rating: 4.7

Adults Over 30 Rating: 4.4

Seniors Rating: 3.8

Why Do Adults Love Space Mountain?

Space Mountain Tunnel Lights

Through the years, Space Mountain has become a bit of a relic in comparison to Disney’s other thrill rides while still managing to hold its own in thrilling and exhilarating guests. It offers nostalgia and something more than a dark ride for adults!

4. Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is an indoor boat ride through a variety of incredibly detailed show scenes showcasing pirates raiding towns and hunting for Captain Jack Sparrow from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

It appears to be rated about the same by all ages of adults proving it’s a ride everyone can enjoy.

Young Adults Rating: 4.4

Adults Over 30 Rating: 4.4

Seniors Rating: 4.5

Why Do Adults Love Pirates of the Caribbean?

Pirates of the Caribbean is an absolute classic and one of the most important theme park attractions ever created. Granted, Walt Disney World’s version isn’t quite the same, or as long, as Disneyland’s version; but it still offers that famous song, detailed set pieces, and that roguish, tongue-in-cheek charm.

3. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a smooth, swinging family coaster in Fantasyland themed after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Guests board a swinging mine car and are whisked in and out of the charming mine where a million diamonds shine!

I consider Seven Dwarfs Mine Train to be half family coaster half dark ride. While there are dips and turns around and through the exterior of the mine, the ride slows down once guests enter the mine shaft where audio-animatronics of the Seven Dwarfs at work in the glittering mine.

Young Adults Rating: 4.5

Adults Over 30 Rating: 4.5

Seniors Rating: 4.4

Why Do Adults Love Seven Dwarfs Mine Train?

While, yes, it’s technically a kid coaster, the coaster isn’t as short as the Barnstormer and actually tells a story. In addition, its picturesque setting, and the fact it’s both an indoor and outdoor attraction, make it an enjoyable experience for both little ones and adults.

2. Haunted Mansion

Guests board “Doom Buggies” for a tour through an eerie mansion home and graveyard filled with both spooky and amusing visual effects and characters.

This is no surprise. Haunted Mansion is a Disney classic and long considered one of the best theme park attractions of all time and Disney Imagineering at its best. The fact it earned a 4.5 rating across the board only confirms its timelessness.

Young Adults Rating: 4.5

Adults Over 30 Rating: 4.5

Seniors Rating: 4.5

Why Do Adults Love Haunted Mansion?

This ride is one that the whole family can ride that’s teeming with personality and where the scenery, atmosphere, and effects are the star. It’s got a high re-rideability factor that’s only made better by the fact it’s dark, indoors, and lets adults get off their feet for a while.

1. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is a runaway train-themed coaster through a detailed mountain set in the Old West at the time of the California Gold Rush.

Being a coaster, it’s understandable why it scored higher with younger adults; but the fact it was still rated a 4.3 by seniors proves this coaster truly offers something for everyone.

Young Adults Rating: 4.7

Adults Over 30 Rating: 4.6

Seniors Rating: 4.3

Why Do Adults Love Big Thunder Mountain Railroad?

Big Thunder Mountain checks all the boxes by managing to be a coaster that’s the perfect balance of wild and mild while offering Disney’s signature detail and storytelling. It’s one of those attractions that’s equally fun for both the young and young at heart.

Do you agree with our Lines 2.0 app ratings? Which of these attractions would you rate as the highest? Let us know in the comments!

First published January 12, 2021. Updated September 19, 2021.

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  • Surprised the Liners apparently don’t like Splash very much. Just a function of 2.0 only being available during cold weather? The ratings available on this website would have Splash comfortably in first place.

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