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TouringPlans Blog Flashback: Best Star Wars Blog Posts

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It may not come as much of a surprise, but a lot of us are Star Wars fans here at the TouringPlans blog. As a result, we have a TON of Star Wars blog content on the site. A lot of it is about merchandise we’re over the that’s-not-a-moon about, but we also have had some other interesting types of posts. Here’s some that you may have missed.

10 Things to Do with Your Custom Droid

From costumes to travel, droids really do live their best lives ever with Disney fans!


Problem Solving for Virtual Queue Glitches for Rise of the Resistance

Although it’s not useful at the moment, someday we’ll be back into virtual queues for Rise of the Resistance!


Everything You Need to Know about Rise of the Resistance

Speaking of Rise, here’s our FAQ.


Everything You Need to Know about Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

Yep, we have a FAQ for that as well!

Saturday Six: Why Disneyland Feels Less Crowded This Summer

Who knew that Disneyland was starting social distancing with low park crowds before it was a thing?


Saturday Six: Do’s and Don’ts of Galaxy’s Edge

Galaxy’s Edge is too big for just one edition of Saturday Six….

Looking for more? Click here and here for even more Star Wars and Galaxy’s Edge articles on the TouringPlans blog! (And, of course, May the 4th Be With You!)


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