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This show, which originated at Disneyland Paris, features cars and motorcycles in a blur of chases, crashes, jumps, and explosions. The secrets behind the special effects are explained after each stunt sequence, with replays and different camera views shown on an enormous movie screen; the replays also serve to pass the time needed to place the next stunt's props into position. While the stunt driving is excellent, the show plods along between tricks, and you'll probably have had your fill by the time the last stunt ends. Expect about 6-8 minutes of real action in a show that runs 25-30 minutes. Because of this, small children may become restless during the show.

Touring Tips

The auto stunt show, located at the end of the Streets of America, presents two to five shows daily. It's popular, but its remote location (the most distant attraction from the park entrance) helps distribute and moderate the crowds. Seating is in a 3,000-person stadium, so it's not difficult to find a seat except on the busiest days.

A family of four from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, notes that it's easier to get into the stadium than out:

When we exited the 3,000-seat Lights! Motors! Action! arena (which was full the day we visited), it was horrible! The cast members directed us all to the same exit, and it was a HUGE bottleneck that took us 20 minutes to break free from - seriously dented our touring plan!

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