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Voyage of the Little Mermaid is a winner, appealing to every age. Sweet but not saccharine, and infinitely lovable, The Little Mermaid show is the most tender and romantic entertainment offered anywhere in Walt Disney World. The story is simple and engaging, the special effects impressive (although dated), and the Disney characters memorable.

The story is basically that of the movie The Little Mermaid except pared down to 15 minutes. To do that, everything in between Ariel getting her legs (from a very large Ursula) and the end of the movie is shown in a super-quick montage video montage.

We receive a lot of mail from Europeans who complain about the "soppy sentimentality" of Americans in general and of Disney attractions in particular. These comments of a man from Bristol, England, are typical:

Americans have an ability to think as a child and so enjoy the soppiness of The Little Mermaid. English cynicism made it hard for us at times to see Disney stories as anything other than gushing, namby-pamby, and full of stereotypes. Other Brits might also find the sentimentality cloying. Maybe you should prepare them for the need to rethink their wry outlook on life temporarily.

Touring Tips

Except during the busiest holiday periods, it's unusual for anyone in line not to be admitted to the next showing of Mermaid. Typical waits are under 25 minutes most of the year.

When you enter the preshow lobby, stand near the doors to the theater. When they open, go inside, pick a row of seats, and let 6-10 people enter the row ahead of you. The strategy is twofold: to obtain a good seat and be near the exit.

Finally, a Charlotte, North Carolina, mom took exception to our Fright Potential Rating for Voyage of the Little Mermaid:

The guide let me down on the Little Mermaid show at [DHS] - the huge sea witch portrayed in laser lights, cartoon, and live action TERRIFIED my 3-year-old. The description of the show led me to believe it was all sweetness and romance with no scariness.

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Disney is considering replacing Voyage of the Little Mermaid with a brand-new stage show built around Frozen, their Christmas 2013 release. Since Mermaid has been playing here for more than two decades, Imagineers have been chomping at the bit to build a new show. The irony is that if they do, they'll probably just swap Mermaid’s water curtain for something that looks like falling snow.

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