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A charming cast of audioanimatronic bears sing and stomp in a Western-style hoedown. Although it's one of the Magic Kingdom's most humorous and upbeat shows, Country Bear Jamboree has run for so long that the geriatric bears are a step away from assisted living and the fleas all walk with canes. In an attempt to make the attraction more "bearable" to a modern audience, the attraction was cleaned-up and shortened from 15 minutes to 10 minutes in October 2012.

Readers continue to debate the merits of Country Bear Jamboree. The following comments are representative.

First, from a Sandy Hook, Connecticut, mom:

I know they consider it a classic, and kids always seem to love it, but could they PLEASE update it after half a century?

A woman from Carmel, Indiana put her experience in perspective, writing:

Here is another half hour of my life that I cannot get back.

But, a Mississippi dad defends the show:

I find it interesting how my reactions and those of my family change to certain attractions. Take Country Bear Jamboree, for instance: In my 30s I enjoyed it mildly but considered it somewhat hokey and lame, yet I thoroughly enjoyed my daughter's intense love of it at ages 3 and 8 on two previous trips. This time, at age 54, I sat up fairly close with my wife and loved it - we even sang along! Of course, this was partly to embarrass my now-16-year-old daughter, who sat hunched down in the very last row. She says we have creeping senility, but I told her, "Just wait till you bring YOUR kids!"

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The Jamboree remains an air-conditioned refuge during summer afternoons, rainy days, and times of peak attendance. On such days, the bears will draw larger crowds, from midmorning on.

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