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Mickey's PhilharMagic is the Magic Kingdom's 3-D movie attraction. PhilharMagic features an odd collection of Disney characters, mixing Mickey and Donald with Simba and Ariel as well as Jasmine and Aladdin. Presented in a theater large enough to accommodate a 150-foot-wide screen - huge by 3-D movie standards, the 3-D movie is augmented by an arsenal of special effects built into the theater. The plot involves Mickey, as the conductor of the PhilharMagic, leaving the theater to solve a mystery. In his absence Donald appears and attempts to take charge, with disastrous results.

The attraction is one of Disney's best 3-D efforts. Brilliantly conceived, furiously paced, and laugh-out-loud funny, PhilharMagic incorporates a hit parade of Disney's most beloved characters in a production that will leave you grinning. A North Carolina mother of a 3-year-old, however, accuses us of pulling our punches regarding the show's appropriateness for young children:

Our family found PhilharMagic way too violent (what seemed like minutes on end of Donald getting the crap kicked out of him by various musical instruments). I had to haul my screaming child out of the theater and submit to a therapeutic carousel ride afterwards.

Happily, an Oregon mom has come up with a practical way to nip the willies in the bud:

My advice to parents is simply to have their kids not wear the 3-D glasses. We took my daughter's off right away, and then she began giggling and having a good time watching the movie.

Touring Tips

Though the other 3-D movies are loud, in-your-face affairs, Mickey’s PhilharMagic is much softer and cuddlier. Things still pop out of the screen, but they’re really not scary. You should still proceed cautiously if you have kids under age 5 in your group, but it’s the rare child who is frightened. The theater is large, so don’t be alarmed to see a gaggle of people in the lobby.

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This chart shows you roughly how long you'll wait for Mickey's PhilharMagic when you visit on a day with a given Magic Kingdom Crowd Level. The blue bars represent the average "peak" wait time (that is, how long the line will at its busiest). The bottom and top black lines represent the range of peak wait times to expect (for you fellow nerds out there: it's the 5th percentile and 95th percentile of peak wait times). Please note that these are estimates, and for a better forecast for your travel dates, see Mickey's PhilharMagic Wait Times.

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Among the ideas being floated to freshen up this decade-old film is a new sequence copying the lanterns-floating-out-over-water scene from Disney’s Tangled. Disney is also thinking about converting the projectors to high-def digital, which should cut down on guest complaints of blurry characters.

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