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Disneyland Crowd Calendar Update: A Drop in Crowds and “Tier 0” Days Ahead

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Much like Walt Disney World in Florida, Disneyland Resort has seen a decline in crowds, particularly at Disneyland Park.

In July 2022, the average crowd level at Disneyland Park between July 1 and July 23 was 7.2. However, this year it has dropped to 5.1, signifying a substantial difference. This means that if you waited 60 minutes at Disneyland’s Space Mountain last summer, you probably only waited 48 minutes this year. Though there has been a slight uptick in crowds since July 23, the monthly average crowd level is still at 6.0, more than a full point lower than the previous year.

Hence, it is time for a Disneyland Crowd Calendar Update.

In this update, you will notice that many future dates have dropped by one crowd level, especially in the near future. Despite these adjustments, it is more likely that you will experience a lower crowd level than what was initially predicted. However, the end of the month might tell a different story, as “tier 0” days are set to begin on August 21. These tickets, designed to provide affordable park access, may lead to a surge in crowds above the midpoint on our scale.

In fact, the discounted ticket prices for late August could be one reason why crowds were down in July. People might have been holding off their summer park visits until the end of August. Only time will tell.

The rest of the calendar, covering dates from October through the end of 2024, isn’t expected to change significantly. Of course, another update may be necessary as we collect wait time data from the rest of the summer and early fall.

As always, if you are looking to see more and reduce your wait times, a Disneyland Touring Plan is the best way to go about it. By following the plan, you can minimize your wait and make the most of your visit to the park.


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