Everything You Need to Know About Relaxation Stations at Magic Kingdom

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Visiting Magic Kingdom all day can be tiring. It’s a good idea to take frequent breaks. Each Walt Disney World theme park has designated areas where guests can sit and take off their mask for a little bit. Known as Relaxation Stations, they can be a helpful place during your day.

Location of Relaxation Stations at Magic Kingdom

There are Relaxation Stations at Storybook Circus, Frontierland, and the Tomorrowland Terrace. The Storybook Circus location is a rare indoor Relaxation Station. It is located at Pete’s Silly Sideshow, which used to operate as a character greeting location. Personally, I am not too keen on being indoors, especially without a mask on – not that you have to take your mask off at the Relaxation Station. But this is the only Relaxation Station at the back of the park.

Relaxation Station at Frontierland
Relaxation Station at Frontierland

At Tomorrowland Terrace, which is on the edge of Tomorrowland near Main Street USA, you can enjoy fresh air and a lovely view of Cinderella Castle. During the busy holiday weeks Tomorrowland Terrace is operating as a quick service location with fried fish, fried shrimp, lobster rolls, and other fare. The left side of the terrace is open as a Relaxation Station.

Tomorrowland Relaxation Station

Finally in Frontierland, the outdoor seating area for Golden Outpost is being used since this snack location is not currently open. This station can get a quite crowded during lunch time due to its proximity to Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Café.

How to Use Relaxation Stations at Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom has so much packed into it – the most rides, the most characters, the most attendance. So while there are three stations, it can be rough to get to one right away if you need it. It is rare for the stations to reach capacity as many guests do not know about them, but the Frontierland one is at a very prominent location and seems to be popular.

On busy weekends or holidays they tend to be utilized a little more. The tables are placed six feet or more apart, and need to remain as positioned. If you have a larger group it is asked that you keep your party spread among multiple tables at the designated distance.

Storybook Circus Relaxation Station
Storybook Circus Relaxation Station

Guests should keep their masks on until they are seated at their table. Once you are seated you can remove your mask whether you have food and drink, or if you just want to sit and relax. There is no time limit on using the stations, so sit back and relax. If you need to get up from your table, it is asked that you put your mask back on before departing your table.

Tomorrowland Relaxation Station

Cast Members frequently clean and sanitize the tables, chairs, and the general area. The Relaxation Stations can have limited hours. They do not always open right when the park opens, and generally close a little earlier than the park itself does.

MARCH 2021 UPDATE – We are seeing 30 minute limit signs in certain stations, perhaps due to Spring Break. We’ll be on the lookout once Spring Break subsides. 

Have you made use of the Relaxation Stations yet? Do you think they are helpful?

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  • May 8, 2021 at 6:22 pm

    I like the relaxation stations, we went for the first time to disneyworld this weekend (05/07/2021) and it has been hot and our feet were tired and so finding a spot to just sit and relax was definitely nice.


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