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Have You Tried This Kids’ Meal Hack?

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I’m old enough to remember when fast food restaurants offered kids’ meals for 99 cents. Those days are certainly long gone, and a kids’ meal at a Disney quick service restaurant will cost you a lot more than 99 cents (around seven times that or more!). For parents, it can be frustrating to buy multiple kids meals only to have a child eat a few bites and then declare that they’re full, especially when you know that within the hour they’ll be at the churro cart declaring how hungry they are!

Who can blame kids — those churros are delicious!

Here’s a helpful hack that can save you a bit of money on those kids’ meals.

At Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in Magic Kingdom, chicken tenders and fries are offered on the kids’ menu, and an adult portion is offered on the adult menu. The kids’ meal, which comes with two chicken tenders, a drink, and two sides, is $7.49. The adult version is $9.99 for 4 chicken tenders and fries, but no drink.

Cosmic Ray’s Chicken Tender Kids’ Meal

We ordered the adult portion, and asked for an extra bowl. Counting out the French fries, the adult portion came with 48 fries. Splitting the adult meal in half, you get two meals with 2 chicken strips and 24 fries each. Ask for two free cups of water, and you’ve got the perfect size of a kids’ meal for a savings of $4.99. Instead of the other side (a Cuties mandarin orange or an applesauce packet), save that $4.99 toward that special Disney treat later on that you know your kids will ask for anyhow!

One adult meal split into two kids’ meals


Would this be a Disney meal trick that would save you money? Let us know in the comments.


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3 thoughts on “Have You Tried This Kids’ Meal Hack?

  • Why do I LOVE that you counted the fries?!?

  • Actually, at counter service or table service carry out, we will often order kids meals for the adults – giving us more room for Disney snacks later, too! 🙂 We especially recommend the kids chicken strip meal at Olivia’s To Go!

  • Brilliant!

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