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Magic Kingdom’s Evening Extra Magic Hour Line Up To Change

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Next week, the attraction line up will be changed up a tiny bit for Evening Extra Magic Hour at the Magic Kingdom.

Starting on August 26, Splash Mountain will be removed as an attraction that is included in Evening Extra Magic Hours. Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room and Country Bear Jamboree (when it reopens from it’s refurbishment in October) will be added in its place.

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30 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom’s Evening Extra Magic Hour Line Up To Change

  • We enjoy riding Splash during evening EMH due to extremely low wait times. Most times we walk right on the ride. I agree that that riding it in the evening is the best- especially when the fireworks are going off! This will really be a bummer if it’s a long term cancellation. we don’t even go to EMH in the morning and only go to the night time EMH. Reducing times for EMH makes it more difficult to enjoy the hard to ride rides especially if you are going at a peak time. We are dvc members and can’t always go off season. EMH are a major reason for staying on property and also an extra benefit of hopper passes. This is a very bad move!! I understand this move from Nov- March but in hotter months this is really a bad move!

  • EMH was always the best time to ride Splash! There was never any lines! And I always liked saving it for the last ride of the day so I wouldn’t have to walk around all wet! I rode this during EMH in January and December before, so the “seasonal winter time” argument is not one I am buying.

  • *IF* it were seasonal, that may be one thing. But I barely ever rode it during the day. 80% or more of my rides were during EMH. It’s much more enjoyable. I’m very disappointed. This is one of the biggest attractions AT MK in the first place. I agree with the above poster, they’ll eventually cut them out due to “lack of interest”, likely after they remove Soarin and Expedition Everest as well.

  • If this is for maintenance, that makes sense. Otherwise.. sigh… Really, for my family, riding Splash (over & over & over) with small waits has always been the primary reason for us to do EMH… and EMH is the primary reason for paying all that extra $$$ to stay on site. Methinks unless there are lots of others like us who stay on site primarily for EMH who respond by giving their hard-earned $$$ to off-site hotels, this is the beginning of the end of EMH.

  • Is this for one week, for for an extended period of time?

  • since splash keeps breaking down maybe they need a chance to work on it? it kind of ruins your emh if you get stuck on it for an hour.

  • I think that Splash Mountain needs to be taken offline and given a major refurbishment similar to BTMRR. During Memorial Weekend in 2011 and 2012, Splash Mountain seemed to always be closed.

  • I’ll trade EMH rides on Splash if it means that the ride will be better maintained overall. I’ve missed the jumping fountains in the laughing place.

  • How do we let Disney know that we don’t like this idea….my kids love splash mountain and will be upset to find out that this isn’t available for EMH.

  • I hadn’t though about this just being a seasonal change, but I hope that is the case. I’ve ridden Splash at night quite a few times and the attraction is even better in the dark, while the show being offered as replacements are things I can see with no wait almost any other time of day and aren’t anywhere near the top of my must do list. Having said that, the last couple times I’ve ridden Splash at night there’s been no wait at all, so my assumption was that it’s more expensive to operate this ride than the shows and since not many people were riding during EMH they could close it down without much of a fuss

  • So…we ride Splash Mountain during the park’s regular hours and somehow continue to find meaning in our lives because we’re on vacation at Walt Disney World instead of at work, in school or wondering if we’ll make it to the next paycheck. I can live with that.

  • We were there in mid July and rode splash 4 times in a row without a wait during evening EMH.

  • I do not like this at all. My 7 year old is going to flip. She loves splash mountain and will ride it in any weather. Why is disney doing this?

  • The hardest part for me was “rescheduling” on my Touring Plan. LOL , I fit it in before 10, and it should be dark so it all worked out.

  • Maybe they figure the new Fantasyland stuff will be getting added to EMH in November so they can remove Splash and people won’t care as much? Either way, seems kind of bizarre. As for the weather thing, as Jeff pointed out, it really doesn’t get “cold” per se in Florida until at least November and if that was the reason then BTMRR is entirely outdoors and Splash is almost entirely indoors, so it still makes less sense.

  • I hope this doen’t effect the MNSSHP too. Splash is my favourite ride, and at night time it’s even better. Im really upset about this. I hope this means it will get more refurb attention.

  • Someone on Twitter pointed out yesterday that Splash never went down for winter maintenance last year because BTMRR was closed, so perhaps this is for delayed maintenance? Stitch Kingdom reported today that construction notices for Splash have been filed.

    If this isn’t the reason, then I just don’t know what to say to this closure.

    • Oh no! I hope Splash isn’t closed on my upcoming trip in January.

  • Umm… ‘as the weather gets cooler’… as in September and October? It’s still 90 degrees and humid in Orlando! November and even December can be very hot. If this were a weather thing, I feel like they would start it later, like around November 1.

    I’m sure Disney has their reasons for doing this ($$$), but I’m disappointed. With the reduced EMH to 2 hours from 3, and now this, it seems like the value of a WDW vacation is at an all-time low. The last couple of years, there have been some nice additions to the parks, but the value has plummeted at a rate that is out of sync with the norm.

    • Good posting! Drip… Drip… Drip… Disney continues to chip away at the value of a WDW vacation, one depressing press release at a time.

  • BOOOOO! I love riding Splash after dark even if it does get a little frigid at times.

  • This does seem to diminish EMH…the attraction of which is meant to be the opportunity to do the most POPULAR attractions. 🙁

  • Real Splash Mountain fans ride in any kind of weather : )

    • I agree! Besides, they turn the water down on cooler days.

    • I agree – I have been on Splash mountain when it was so cold, I wore my rain poncho so I would not get wet – it is a great ride no matter what the weather.

  • Don’t forget that as the weather gets cooler, there’ll be fewer people wanting to ride a water flume ride after dark. This could be a seasonal adjustment by Disney, since both CBJ and Tiki Room are indoors.

    • I’d be more likely to believe it’s a seasonal adjustment if they did it in November or later. Doing it now while temps are so high strikes me as just the next chapter in Disney’s continued lopping off of evening EMH benefits. First they end monorail access (which was seen by some as temporary, but hasn’t returned), then they cut the # of hours from 3 to 2, now this.

      When they finally cut enough that people stop coming to evening EMH so often, they’ll end it, citing low demand. Classic Disney.

    • Hey Len! This is off topic, but wondering if anyone is planning to do a blog article about WDW and how it responds to tropical storm conditions. It looks like Isaac will have at least some effect. I think it would make for really interesting reading!

  • You have got to be kidding! Replace an E-Ticket ride with two shows I never have to wait for?

  • Somehow I don’t see either of those attractions being a good substitution for Splash Mountain. I am afraid to guess why they are making this change.

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