PHOTOS – New Plexiglass Added to Pirates of the Caribbean

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Plexiglass isn’t an exciting subject. But when we see it pop up at Walt Disney World we get interested. Generally more plexiglass in queues and on ride vehicles means a potential increase in capacity. At Pirates of the Caribbean our team noticed plexiglass was added to the queue area just after the entrance.

Pirates of the Caribbean Queue – Extended Outside
Pirates of the Caribbean Extended Queue Halloween 2020

Pirates of the Caribbean has extended queues that spill out to the Adventureland walkway on busy days. It seems this new plexiglass will enable the operations team to make full use of the regular queue. We’ll keep an eye on how the Pirates of the Caribbean Extended queue looks in the coming weeks now that the plexiglass has been added. Will this mean less of a line out on the walkway?

Pirates of the Caribbean Queue Plexiglass
Pirates of the Caribbean Queue Plexiglass
Pirates of the Caribbean Queue Plexiglass

We’ve seen plexiglass added to other attractions throughout Walt Disney World, including Rise of the ResistanceMillennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run, and even on a test boat at it’s a small world. So if you’re planning on visiting Walt Disney World anytime soon, be prepared for plexiglass in the queues of many attractions.

Have you experienced the plexiglass in any of the queues? What do you think about it?

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