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REVIEW: Delicious Donut Holes and Churro Donuts From Maurice’s Treats at Disneyland

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Have you been to Maurice’s Treats at Disneyland? Did you even know this food cart existed before reading this post? Well, now you know. I’m also here to inform you that Maurice’s Treats has some pretty good donut holes and churro donuts. In this post I’ll review Maurice’s Pieces and Churro Gears from Maurice’s Treats, which is a part of Fantasy Faire in Disneyland.

If you’re not sure where Maurice’s Treats is located, it’s just off Disneyland’s central hub, near the left side of Sleeping Beauty Castle. Look for the Royal Theatre inside Fantasy Faire, it’s located across the walkway from it.

First up let’s take a look at the Churro Gears, which is a donut tossed in cinnamon and sugar. It’s like the regular Disneyland churro you know and love, but this time it’s in a circle. I thought this was great, and at $5.49 for two I’d probably buy them over a regular churro in the future.

Here’s Maurice’s Pieces, which are Donut Holes. You get three choices of flavors for them to be tossed; Chocolate Sugar, Cinnamon Sugar, or Milk & Cookies Sugar. Unfortunately you can’t mix and match flavors.

I went with the Milk & Cookies flavor because it sounded like it would be the most unique one. I enjoyed it, and it definitely had a cookie flavor with a slight hint of milk. The only downside to the Maurice’s Pieces is the $5.49 price tag.

Overall both items were good and easily shareable. I lean more towards recommending the Churro Gears because you get more bang for your buck, but in terms of taste you can’t go wrong with either of them.

What’s your current favorite Disneyland dessert? Will you be stopping by Maurice’s Treats to try these? Let me know in the comments.

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