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REVIEW – Where Can You Get Maple Popcorn, Beer, and Whisky, Oh My!

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Simply named “Popcorn in Canada”, this cart in the Canada Pavilion is a great stop for unique snacks and drinks. Well, it’s just one snack, actually. Maple popcorn is the staple and it’s the only place you can get it. Besides this tasty snack there’s a small selection of Canadian beer and currently two specialty adult beverages.

Moosehead Lager – Popcorn of Canada

Located next to the Le Cellier restaurant archway, this kiosk almost acts as a welcome wagon to the pavilion. Besides the signature Maple Popcorn, you can get regular popcorn too. Usually the latest souvenir bucket is available too.

2019 Christmas Tree Popcorn Bucket with Maple Popcorn

I love the Canadian beers available on draft here. Moosehead Lager is usually one of the options as well as La Fin Du Monde which has fantastic floral, spice, and other complex notes. The beers here are pricey, but beer and alcohol are always pretty pricey anywhere at Disney.

Besides beer there is usually at least one adult beverage available. Right now there are two. There’s Frozen Coca-Cola with Crown Royal, and there’s the Ottawa Apple. This sweet cocktail is made with Crown Royal Whisky, Maple, Apple Infusion, and Cranberry Juice. It is pre-made but lots of guests enjoy the balance of sweet that is cut just a little by the cranberry. Soft drinks are available, including regular Frozen Coca-Cola.

Moosehead Lager – Popcorn of Canada
Victoria Gardens at Canada Pavilion

The thing I love most about Popcorn in Canada is its location. You can easily head into the gardens behind it for a stroll. Or head up the stairs to explore the upper level of the pavilion. It’s a beautiful backdrop for enjoying a Canadian snack or drink.

Have you ever grabbed some Maple Popcorn or a drink from Popcorn of Canada? What EPCOT snack location do you want to learn about next? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Just a heads up – La Fin du Monde is a really high alcohol beer: 9% by volume (La Fin du Monde is French for “End of the World”). It’s one of my favorite beers (the style is Belgian Tripel), but on a hot day the Moosehead Lager will be a better thirst quencher.

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