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Sweet Popcorn Showdown

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In the confluence of the Galaxy’s Edge opening and the start of the Epcot Food & Wine Festival last week, I tried three versions of sweetened popcorn. The Maple Popcorn from the cart at the front of the Epcot’s Canada pavilion ($6.00), the caramel-apple popcorn at the new Appleseed Orchard Cider Bar inside the Canada pavilion ($10.00), and the sweet and spicy Outpost Mix popcorn at Kat Saka’s Kettle in Galaxy’s Edge at Disney’s Hollywood Studios ($6.49).

If you enjoy sweet popcorn, these are all worth a try, but there are some issues to consider.

First, the Appleseed Orchard popcorn at Epcot is only available in the novelty apple container. The container is cute, and might make a nice container for a gift for a teacher. However, the prominent logo makes it relatively useless for anything other than handing the popcorn to you in the festival pavilion. It’s also small-ish, which means the you get a small-ish popcorn serving size. The mix contains about one third standard caramel corn and two thirds kettle corn dyed green and blended with a subtle Jolly Rancher apple flavor. The mix is pleasant, but the high price (ten dollars, really?!) and small portion means I wouldn’t get this one again.

Appleseed Orchard caramel apple popcorn, Food & Wine Festival


Appleseed orchard caramel apple popcorn, Food & Wine Festival

Outside in Canada, the popcorn cart serves a maple-glazed variety. I was worried this would feel like eating pancakes with the wrong texture, but maple taste is subtle. If you like kettle corn and think it would be good with a hint of Northern forest, this is a treat.

Maple popcorn, Canada

The Galaxy’s Edge popcorn is not far from the Appleseed Orchard popcorn, but instead of a sour apple candy taste, the purple kernels have a grapey taste. I don’t love grape candy, so this didn’t wow me, but it didn’t stop me from eating it either. The blend of sweet and slightly hot tastes worked.

Sweet & Spicy popcorn, Galaxy’s Edge

My biggest problem with both the maple and Galaxy’s Edge popcorns were that they become too sticky. I consumed those outdoors in 90+ degree, 100% humidity weather. The crunch of the popcorn suffered from the moisture in the air. By contrast, I tried the apple popcorn inside the lovely air-conditioned Canada pavilion, so it had exactly the right mouthfeel. Wait until the temperature comes down in October and these will be worth a try.

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