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Top 7 Best Tokyo Disneyland Quick Service Restaurants

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As you may or may not know, we recently launched a completely free TouringPlans for Tokyo Disney website. So far one of the topics that has generated the most interest and feedback is Tokyo Disneyland dining. Tokyo Disneyland is filled with many delicious and high-quality food items. There’s so many that as a first time visitor you may not know where to start when planning where you want to eat during your trip. In this post we’ll go over the top 7 best Tokyo Disneyland quick service restaurants. We took several different types of criteria in to consideration when making this list, including quality, taste, and theming. But keep in mind that Tokyo Disney Resort restaurants don’t typically have restaurant menus with a lot of verity. Their eateries will usually pick an specialty (such as curry, pizza, noodles, etc) and stick to it.

7. Sweetheart Cafe

We enjoy Sweetheart Cafe thanks to its convenient location near the front of the park, its ample seating, and its good variety of grab-and-go baked goods and desserts. It’s a great place to grab a quick breakfast (or really the only place since the park doesn’t have any American-style breakfast entrees), or a snack. There’s also a selection of teas and coffee. We’ve also seen some nicely done seasonal sets, such as the items pictures above for Christmas and Halloween.

6. Plazma Ray’s Diner

You can’t go wrong with rice bowls. Plazma Ray’s currently offers a shrimp cutlet (which is shaped like a star) rice bowl with tomato sauce, or a vegetable rice bowl (one of the park’s few vegetarian options) with an egg that sports a Mickey-shaped egg yolk. There’s also my personal favorite, the fried chicken rice bowl, which has tender and juicy chunks of chicken. They also sell a sandwich that looks like Mickey Mouse’s glove. How great is that? Plazma Ray’s theming is minimal but good, thanks to its mid-century modern design, with some cartoonish space décor. It’s pleasant looking, and the outdoor patio offers fantastic views of Cinderella Castle.

5. Camp Woodchuck Kitchen

Even before you get to the food there’s a lot to love about this charming clubhouse that sits along the edge of Rivers of America. Camp Woodchuck is to themed to Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s camp group, the Junior Woodchucks. You eat inside of the group’s clubhouse where you’ll find many pieces of paraphernalia on the walls, as well as camping items and other props. There’s also an outdoor balcony that offers beautiful views of Rivers of America. Our favorite spot in Camp Woodchuck is the outdoor firepit. The fire produces no real heat, but it does have lighting and smoke effects. It’s a nice and cozy place to relax at night. Camp Woodchuck also has some great background music that sets the appropriate mood for the area. In terms of food, the menu is limited but doesn’t disappoint. I enjoyed both the fried chicken waffle sandwich and the s’more dessert. The menu also features a shrimp & avocado waffle sandwich, bacon waffle sandwich, salad, fries, and other tasty drinks and desserts.

4. Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall

Queen of Hearts Banquet Hall is one of the most popular restaurants in Tokyo Disneyland, and it’s easy to see why. The inside of the restaurant is bright and colorful, almost like you’re stepping inside the world of the classic animated Alice in Wonderland film. The menu has something for everyone, including steak, fish, salads, and a “Heart-Shaped Meat Patty with Tomato-Brown Sauce.”

3. Grandma Sara’s Kitchen

Eating inside Grandma Sara’s feels like you’re eating inside Splash Mountain. If that’s not enough to get you to want to eat there then I can confirm that the menu is also pretty damn good. I enjoy the beef stew entree as well as whichever seasonal Japanese omelet is being offered at the time of my visit. Grandma Sara’s also serves a selection of cakes and other desserts that are delightful.

Photo by Tom Bricker

2. China Voyager

China Voyager’s specialty is ramen, which is fantastic, but the real star here is the level of detail an ambiance found around the restaurant. Several different dining rooms make up China Voyager, including a wrecked ship and an old saloon. To compare it to something you may be familiar with, China Voyager looks like Typhoon Lagoon (at Walt Disney World). You can’t go wrong with any of the entrees here, for example the spicy miso ramen is delicious, but the real winner is the black pepper pork noodle ramen. The menu also has several side dishes, including my favorite, the boiled sweet potato on top of rice.

1. Hungry Bear Restaurant

Based on the massive lines I see on almost every trip, Hungry Bear Restaurant is the most popular quick service restaurant in Tokyo Disneyland. The menu is made up entirely of Japanese curry dishes, which are delicious and complex in flavor. Roasted vegetable, chicken, and fried pork cutlet are some of the options for toppings. All of Hungry Bears’ curries are served with hot or mild spices.

Which of these restaurants holds the most appeal for you? Let us know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Top 7 Best Tokyo Disneyland Quick Service Restaurants

  • I think you mean “…Tokyo Disney Resort restaurants don’t typically have restaurant menus with a lot of variety.” I can’t imagine you really meant what’s there now.

  • I am loving the new Tokyo content. We plan to go in a few years, and the lack of info out there is frightening, especially for someone like me. I do optimized touring plans for all of our park visits, whether it’s Florida, California, Disney, or Universal. Great article, and I can’t wait to read more. Thanks

    • Thanks a lot. We’re glad you enjoy the new content.

  • Very useful list – thank you! We are looking forward to going there for the first time within the next year or two 🙂
    Do you have a recommendation for an internet site with the Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea restaurant menus in English?

    • Tokyo Disney menus change so frequently that even if you do find menus in English there’s a good chance they’ll be out of date by the time you visit. The easiest way to see accurate menus is use Tokyo Disney’s official website and then use Google Translate, or the Chrome browsers built in translation tool to see them in English. For example, here is Vulcania’s menu from DisneySea: https://www.tokyodisneyresort.jp/tds/restaurant/menu/418/

      • OK, thanks! I guess then we won’t necessarily be able to taste the yummi-looking (and cute!) food in this article, but hopefully they’ll have other great options when we are there! 😀

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