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Walt Disney World In-Park Movie Roundup

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In addition to the many rides at Walt Disney World, there are also alternate activities such as cavalcades, shows, character greetings, and more.

Among the these diversions are the Walt Disney World movie-style attractions. Located in all four theme parks, some of the movies are, well, movies. Other have 3-D elements, CircleVision presentations, or other bells and whistles. They are often a welcome respite from heat and rain, providing an air-conditioned space to relax and refresh. All of these have multiple showings throughout the day.

None of these movies have height requirements and all of them have accessible seating areas for guests with mobility issues. Additionally, most have high guest capacity (many hundreds of guests), which means that there are lengthy queues only during the busiest handful of weeks per year. Disney World’s shows are entertainment for all, but you may find them particularly appealing if:

  • You’re pregnant and rides are contraindicated
  • You have motion sickness issues (though stay tuned for where you might have motion sickness issues at a movie)
  • You have sensory processing issues that are exacerbated by motion
  • You have some other medical issue that contraindicates rides
  • You’re the caregiver for someone with the above issues
  • You’re supervising a young child who is too short for some rides
  • You don’t like rides
  • You prefer non-moving attractions

Magic Kingdom

Cute concert-themed posters line the waiting area for Mickey’s PhilharMagic.

Mickey’s PhilharMagic

  • What: 3D movie – glasses required. Your theater is a concert hall. Donald Duck takes over for conductor Mickey, which results in mayhem, and a tour through classic scenes from Disney animated films.
  • Where: Fantasyland
  • How Long: 12 minutes
  • Notes: There are a few mild surprises that take place at your seat – a splash of water and some piped-in pleasant aroma.


Awesome Planet

  • What: Traditional-style film. Narrator Ty Burrell (of Modern Family), discusses environmental challenges such as rising sea levels, temperature fluctuations, and increasingly erratic storm systems.
  • Where: Land Pavilion
  • How Long: 15 minutes
  • Notes: The visuals are stunning, but the science isn’t always as accurate as it could be. The film completely ignores any mention of human contributions to climate change.

Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360

The Canada film is located deep inside the Canada pavilion. Keep walking back to find it.
  • What: Full-circle film. Narrators Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy (of Schitt’s Creek) take you through the highlights of Canadian tourism. There is no seating, all guests stand in the theater, though there are some railings you may lean against. The film is shown in the round, with action taking place in a full circle. Some guests may experience disequilibrium and motion sickness – though they are not moving.
  • Where: World Showcase, Canada Pavilion
  • How Long: 15 minutes
  • Notes: This version of the Canada film debuted in January 2020, replacing the film O Canada! which was narrated by Martin Short. During some EPCOT festivals, the film is shut down so that the theater space can be used as an indoor (air-conditioned) space for food booths.

Disney and Pixar Short Film Festival

  • What: In 3D – glasses required. Three short films show in rotation. These may include Get a Horse (Mickey, Minnie, and pals take a wagon ride that encounters problems), Feast (a Boston terrier named Winston has foodie adventures), and Piper (a young baby sandpiper bird overcomes his fear of the ocean). There are some 4-D elements that utilize a hydraulic system in the seating.
  • Where: Imagination Pavilion
  • How Long: 18 minutes
  • Notes: Take a look at the displays in the lobby area that pay homage to the history of animation.

Impressions de France

  • What: Traditional-style film. A travelogue of scenes from France. This film has not changed since EPCOT opened in the early 1980s – it’s pleasant, but showing its age.
  • Where: World Showcase, France Pavilion
  • How Long: 18 minutes
  • Notes: This film now shares space with a Beauty and the Beast sing-along show. You’ll generally find the sing-along happening during the day and the film running in the evening.

Reflections of China

  • What: Full-circle film. Travelogue of scenes from China. There is no seating, all guests stand in the theater, though there are some railings you may lean against. The film is shown in the round, with action taking place in a full circle. Some guests may experience disequilibrium and motion sickness – though they are not moving.
  • Where: World Showcase, China Pavilion
  • How Long: 14 minutes
  • Notes: This film is slated to close in 2022, to be replaced by a new film “Wondrous China.”

Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Muppet*Vision 3D

Muppets wearing 3D glasses to watch the Muppet movie is a nice meta touch.
  • What: In 3D – glasses required. Kermit the Frog takes guests on a tour through Muppet Studios – what could possibly go wrong. Curmudgeons Statler and Waldorf kibitz from balcony box. A live Sweetums character interacts with on-screen characters.
  • Where: Grand Avenue
  • How Long: 17 minutes
  • Notes: There is a water squirt and some soap bubbles. The pre-show area is fun if you’re into Muppet puns. Little kids, who are unfamiliar with the non-Sesame Street Muppets may be confused about who these characters are.

Vacation Fun

  • What: Traditional-style film. This animated movie, which takes Mickey and Minnie on vacation, features new animation intermixed with clips from older Disney shorts.
  • Where: Echo Lake
  • How Long: 15 minutes
  • Notes: There are some cute photo-ops in the post-show area. This is somewhat of a companion piece to the Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway attraction.

Animal Kingdom

Keep an eye out for the lemur exhibit located on the exit path from It’s Tough to Be a Bug. This can be a welcome distraction if your kids were unsettled by the movie.

It’s Tough to Be a Bug

  • What: In 3D – glasses required. Flik, from A Bug’s Life, gives information on the important role bugs play in our environment.
  • Where: Discovery Island
  • How Long: 8 minutes
  • Notes: This attraction frequently scares small children. Spiders drop from the ceiling, you’re mildly poked in the back by “stingers”, and there is a period where an unpleasant odor is piped into the room.

Honorable Mention: Disney Springs

AMC Disney Springs 24

  • What: There is a regular movie theater at Disney Springs, showing standard Hollywood releases and first run films. The theater, run by AMC has 24 screens, a few with Dine-In capabilities. There are different entrances for the regular screens and the Dine-In screens. To buy tickets in advance visit AMC directly.
  • Where: Disney Springs West Side.
  • How Long: Film lengths vary.
  • Notes: The Orange parking garage is most convenient if you’re just going to the movies.

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  • I saw the new film in Canada in December and was disappointed. I felt as if I was in a classroom, learning about the different sections of Canada. No humor at all. I miss Martin Short!


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