Description And Comments

Pass through the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest to view the Circle-Vision 360 film Reflections of China. Warm and appealing, it's a brilliant (albeit politically sanitized) introduction to the people and natural beauty of China.

Touring Tips

The pavilion is truly beautiful-serene yet exciting. Reflections of China plays in a theater where guests must stand, but the film can usually be enjoyed anytime without much waiting. If you're touring World Showcase in a counterclockwise rotation and plan next to go to Norway and ride Maelstrom, position yourself on the far left of the theater (as you face the attendant's podium). After the show, be one of the first to exit. Hurry to Maelstrom as fast as you can to arrive ahead of the several hundred other Reflections of China patrons who will be right behind you.

Special Comments

Audience stands throughout performance. This beautifully produced film was introduced in 2003.

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