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Under the Sea takes riders through almost a dozen scenes retelling the story of The Little Mermaid, this time with Audio-Animatronics, video effects, and a vibrant 3-D set the size of a small theater.

Guests board a clamshell-shaped ride vehicle running along a continuously moving track (similar to Haunted Mansion's. Then the ride “descends” under water, past Ariel’s grotto and on to King Triton’s undersea kingdom. The most detailed animatronic is of Ursula, the octopus, and she’s a beauty. Other scenes hit the film’s highlights, including Ariel meeting Prince Eric, her deal with Ursula to become human, and, of course, the couple’s happy ending.

The attraction’s exterior is attractive, with detailed rock work, water, and story elements. Our problems with the attraction are: (1) Most of the effects throughout the ride are simple and unimaginative, such as starfish that do nothing but spin on a central axis or lobsters that simply turn left and right; and (2) Virtually the entire second half of the story is condensed into a handful of small scenes crammed together at the end of the ride.

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As one of the Magic Kingdom’s newer attractions, expect long waits throughout most of the day. If you can, ride early in the morning or late at night, As it is a continuously moving ride system, it is rarely a good choice fo Fastpass+.

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