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Cast Couture: Costumes of the Magic Kingdom

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Recently, I was strolling through the Magic Kingdom, and I spotted the new Fantasyland costumes that the cast were wearing near Princess Fairytale Hall. I was totally in love – everyone looked like royalty! That gave me an idea to take a look at more of the costumes of the Magic Kingdom and share them with you here. Housekeeping first: if you’re a cast member pictured here and you’d prefer that I not use your image please leave a comment below and I will remove your photo. I was planning to crop out all the faces but everyone looks so neat and pretty! It seemed like a shame to miss all those smiles. Now, let’s get started with Main Street, U.S.A.

IMG_5786 IMG_5783 IMG_5782

When you first enter the Magic Kingdom on the left hand side I’m sure you’ll remember the smell of fresh popped, buttery popcorn. I never paid attention to the costume of the person working that cart but the day I was researching this article she just happened to be in front of the cart. It was so sunny that day I don’t think the photo does the outfit justice – but she totally caught my eye! The costume is really adorable with light blue and pink plaid, not to mention that sassy hat. Moving along down Main Street you’ll notice more muted plaid costumes in the shops that seem appropriate for the time period of the land.

IMG_5739 IMG_5740 IMG_5743

Moving on to Fantasyland I bet you can easily guess which one of these three costumes is the older style (the middle one). The new costumes for this land really are gorgeous, but I do still like the older ones, too. Starting on the left this costume is seen directly behind the castle for the attractions operated in that area. The middle costume is getting harder to find. In this case I spotted it at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Shop. The green costume on the right is often seen with a straw hat to guard against the sun and is currently the most common costume in the land. There is also a tan color variation for male cast members. Fantasyland has the largest variety of costumes in the Magic Kingdom because you also have to count the super fun costumes over in Storybook Circus.

IMG_5747 IMG_5746

I think I’ve decided if I ever had the chance to work in the Magic Kingdom I’d choose this area. Who wouldn’t want to wear the chunky neck tie on the right to work? Of course, the costume on the left is for Dumbo in its new location. It was a chilly morning, so most everyone was wearing jackets, but on the back side of this costume are “tails” like a circus ringmaster would have. Every detail of this land really feels like the circus has come to town! Pictured below are the royal costumes of the new Be Our Guest restaurant. The rich purple looks great in this regal setting!


Next up is Tomorrowland with its “futuristic” costumes that are starting to somehow look retro. I don’t mean to pick on Tomorrowland – I know I was hard on it in my details post. Is it just me? Are they not starting to look a little bit 80’s (especially the one pictured left)? I do like the clean color palate of grey and black, though!

IMG_5776 IMG_5777

Taking a look at Adventureland there are some fun costumes! Most of the land is filled with pirates, but you also see a lot of this costume on the right. I’m not sure what to call this one? It almost looks like medical scrubs but with a tribal pattern on them. Note that the hat is not part of the uniform – just a cast member who was having a great time greeting guests as they entered the land!

IMG_5764 IMG_5759

The final stops on our tour will be Frontierland and Liberty Square. I combined them because with a few exceptions the costumes are similar. The costume on the left is one I see very often. The middle is one of my favorites in the park. This cast member was in front of The Country Bear Jamboree and gets bonus points for her mad lasso skills! Of course, the far right photo is in front of The Haunted Mansion. This is a very famous costume, but I can’t imagine wearing it in the heat of summer. The only thing worse must be the hundreds of people asking if it’s hot wearing the costume!

IMG_5766 IMG_5769 IMG_5754

With that we conclude another tour around the Magic Kingdom! Of course, there are plenty of costumes that I have missed here as it would just be impossible to include them all. Did I miss your favorite? What do you think of some of the new costumes at the Magic Kingdom? Would you like to see more costumes from Disney World? Please let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Cast Couture: Costumes of the Magic Kingdom

  • I would like to know what kind of a costume the castmember for Snowhite dwarf’s ride is going to wear?

  • I would like to know what kind of a costume the Snowhite dwarf’s ride is going to wear?

  • We live about 10 minutes from WDWs’s “back door” and a CM in costume design lives across the street from us. She knows a lot about upcoming events and expansions, but we can’t get her to spill the beans. Curse you, confidentiality agreements! She has given us some interesting background, though, on how the process goes from design to manufacturing to distribution.

  • I love checking out CM costumes. I especially love the resort ones. The man with the riding crop and pants at Saratoga is my favorite so far! A lot of thought goes into these and it shows!

    • Hey Kathryn – great idea! I hadn’t even thought of that. I smell more to the series! Thanks! 🙂

  • Adorable photo set, I bet you’ll do this other places around the resort now too as once you start noticing something like this it is easy to extend it, and i look forward to seeing those CM costumes too.

    • Hi Brian – I’m always looking for a series!! 🙂 It seems like this would really be fun in the lands in Epcot!

  • This article is great – so interesting to see the costumes that I normally don’t register! The only one I think I’ve ever taken notice of before is the Haunted Mansion one. I’ll definitely pay more attention on our next trip – thank you!

    • Hi Nicola – thanks for reading! It it hard to not notice once you start looking! The costumes are so fun!


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